The Wyrmworn.

Nearly 2 decades ago a group of children were acquired for an experiment by the Shan Qabal, nicknamed the Wyrmworn. However for some reason the project was terminated, though some of the children managed to escape, aboard the ships known as Tempest and Morrow's Folly. A strange storm caused the Morrow's Folly to wreck on Kheth. While the Tempest arrived at it's destination. 

6 of the 20 Wyrmworn survived the wreck along with the Captain Morrow and Thorgrim. Now only two of them live, due to unfortunate circumstances on Kheth and through the actions of the Shan Qabal now intent on hunting down the remaining Wyrmworn. 

Darien: The defacto leader of these orphans, Darien is the adopted son of Captain Morrow. 

Jesper: A human child, who was fond of mapmaking. Jesper was killed by a poison dart trap in the Serpent Hill Ruins along with his sister

Varia: A tiefling girl, who always seemed to get out of trouble. Varia was killed by a poison dart alongside her brother Jesper. 

Alexandros: Go to the Characters section for more details.

Errol: A halfing lad, with little ambition. He works as a fishermen by day, and plays music in the Talisman at night. A very cheery lad. Faerdan drowned Errol in the bay of Tyrak'n. 

Kyoshi: A quiet human girl Despite her demeanor she is quite capable of taking care of herself, and works as a scribe for the Magistrate. Kyoshi fell to her death inside of Rune's Caves after witnessing Errols death. 

The Wyrmworn.

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