Crew of the Eldritch Storm.

A moderately sized sailing ship which is a refurbished Nerathi vessel, the Eldritch Storm sailed it's maiden voyage (under its new name) on the 8th of Io'lor in 1474 DY. The maiden voyage took the ship from Kheth to Castanamir. 

The Ships crew as of 22th of Io'lor 1474 DY. 

Captain Darien Hackenridge

First Mate Melas

Boarding Officer Zalios

Navigator Leria Longshore

Healer Narcath

Aivin Niri (female high elf): Aivin acts as an Arcane advisor to the ship's captain, but holds no official position. This does not stop her from ordering about the rest of the crew however. 

Lejek (male dragonborn): An experienced sailor, and ex imperial officer. He knows much of the empire and can act as an advisor to the party on such matters. 

Brey Appleton (human female): A local of Kheth and former fisherman. Her ship was sunken in a recent storm has sunken her father's boat and she has been forced to look for work elsewhere. She is around 6-7 years older than Darien. 

Vistrum (male dwarf): A clanless dwarf, and exile from most Dwarven cities this old drunk is an impressive fighter and sailor despite his age, but isn't really helpful outside these areas. 

Sarcha (female dragonborn): An able helmsman Sarcha has served under Sea King Valas in the past, but did not manage to sign on to another one of his ships. She is not the most loyal crew memeber and has openly displayed her interest in seeking out another ship to sign on to. 

Alyss Tallgrove (female wood elf): Alyss is an amazing diplomat and has become close friends with Aivin Niri. Alyss worked as a negotiator for the Winterleaf Coster before she left because of unknown reasons. Alyss can perform many of the tasks of a traditional sailor but hopes that her Captain will soon utilize her a negotiator. 

14 other crewmen serve aboard the ship but none of them are really of note as of yet. 10 of them are humans while the other 4 are dwarves and elves. 



Crew of the Eldritch Storm.

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