Arkhosia was once the name of Io’Tamrin’s largest continent. All that remains of Arkhosia today is a vast chain of mostly populated islands under the control of the Dragovar dynasty. There aren’t enough Dragovar soldiers or warships to protect all of the nation’s islands, and many of the outlying islands are left to fend for themselves.

The surviving nation of Arkhosia is home to many races, not just the dragonborn. These races strive to coexist peacefully under difficult circumstances. Arkhosian settlements are often crowded and cramped because of the limited land. As a point of fact, all Arkhosian land belongs to the Dragovar royal family, and the standard punishment for anyone who breaks the law or defies a royal decree is torture, branding, and exile. Exiled citizens are forbidden to set foot on Arkhosian soil, on penalty of death.

The royal family appoints magistrates to govern their islands—one magistrate per island. Magistrates serve for life, and magistrates who perform their duties poorly often meet a terrible end. A magistrate is responsible for enforcing imperial law, keeping an accurate census, paying off the island’s dragon overlord, taxing the locals, and ensuring that tax money is delivered safely to the royal coffers in the Dragovar capital of Io’calioth. Because Dragovar soldiers are spread so thin, magistrates often resort to using mercenaries and cutthroats to fulfill their obligations to the imperial throne.

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