"Longshore Manor"

Chapter 4 Episode 8

19th of Hlal 1475 DY

Leira, Thamak and Melas were escorted to the Bael Nerath barony of Clovencrag home of the marvelous longshore estate, by Leira's sister Alyssa. Arriving on the island Leira was reunited with much of her family, but noticed many of the changes that had transpired while she was away. Leria regaled her young siblings with the tales from her journey while the heroes awaited the arrival of Sea King Longshore. \

Darien and Alex met the rest of the heroes on Clovencrag after they made a short journey to Kheth, in an effort to check up on the situation on there home island. Kheth had apparently heard of there recent slaying of Crimdrac and the dragon has become a bit paranoid of the heroes, Darien met with Iriondal to update her on the situation, and had a conversation about the Horned Alliance with Lucien. 

Darien and Alex arrived on Kheth, and Leira's younger sister Leonda developed a crush on Darien. Leira showed Darien around the manor and told him of her imprisonment there as a child. Melas examined the Alhoon Sphere and with the help of Alex managed to tap into a Illithid communication device where a group of rogue Illithids where discussions various plans, plans of destablizing nations, arming rebels, and selling weapons to rogue imperialist factions. These Illithids also talked about other Far Realm entities who were operating in the world, Star Lords, the Elder Brains, Old Ones, and Eye Tyrants. They spoke of the various motivations of these factions, and how best to deal with them. 

While the heroes rested, Longshore manor was attacked! By a group of Weresharks flying under the flag of Sea King Senestrago, whose mission appeared to be to kidnap the Longshore children, an action that really struck a chord with Leira. After a lengthy battle the heroes managed to finish off the Weresharks, but discovered that the children were not Senestrago's only target. Morwai's lab had been broken into while the heroes were fighting, and a powerful device she was working on had been stolen…


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