"Assassin's in Anchortown"

Chapter 4 Episode 5


The heroes arrived with Ulisang Sajasane in Anchortown planning to deliver him to the Knights of Ardyn. While in Anchortown the heroes also planned to recruit new combat ready crew members, and collect there monthly revenue from there fleet. 

Thamak partnered with Kato to purchase an Inn, now named David and Goliath, and Kato informed the heroes that the Horned Alliance had put a bounty on there heads. 5000 for Alex, 10,000 each for Leira & Darien, and 20,000 for Melas. Kato also requested the heroes assistance in relieving a debt he owed to the Winterleaf Costor. 

The heroes were each individually attacked by assassins, with Leira being targeted by a group of street toughs, Darien by a hardened assassin, and Melas by a entirely different kind of threat. A group of Warforged Mage Killers had come to silence Melas, for his work to create a Warforge of his own. 

Melas with the help of Leira managed to capture one of the Warforged before the other two escaped. While Melas & Alex investigated the damaged Warforged, the others went to the Crow's Nest a bar for captain's in an attempt to recruit more men. 

Darien & Leria both saw familiar faces in the form of Captain Raiko and Captain Cormack. Both of the Captain's had recently come to hard times, with Darien agreeing to help Raiko, and Leria agreeing to return home with Cormack, once other business had been settled first. 

Unfortunately there recruiting efforts did the heroes little good as Sea King Sky Tyrant had sent men to recruit in the area as well lead by Arlot Hammerfist , it seemed that Vantajar's army was steadily increasing. 

In the middle of the night the heroes were assaulted by a pair of deadly assassins from the Horned Alliance named Rain and Sunshine. Melas's preternatural future sense allowed the heroes to get the drop on Rain below decks. While Sunshine and her horde of Imps ravaged the upperdeck dealing untold amounts of damage to the ship. In the ensuing chaos the Warforged returned seeking to destroy the evidence Melas had retrieved, they were ultimately successful as they jetted away in there submersible vehicle, while Rain and Sunshine used the heroes split attention to escape themselves. 


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