Zadi Arychesa



An incredibly beautiful pale tiefling woman, Zadi dresses in elegant long silk gowns that are at translucent. Zadi is an amazing singer with a deep and lulling voice, that sounds like smooth silk. She can convince almost anyone of anything.

Zadi is a Succubus not a tiefling and can cause her wings to appear when she needs them.


“I’m glad I didn’t summon a Vrock, I’d have probably married that one too.” ~Zaibon Krinvasch on Zadi

Zadi’s life is long and complex with her being a fiend, but we shall only discuss her current personality.

She was summoned by Zaibon Krinvasch to perform a assassination quickly following his rise to power. Not yet established in his own right, Zaibon needed to get outside help as he did not trust his men to follow orders just yet. Zadi performed her task in record time, lingering afterword, speaking of much to Zaibon eventually seducing him. Krinvasch however has more will power than most men and was not enthralled by her power, this greatly impressed the succubus, who offered Zaibon a potent contract, to which he accepted. The next day the pair was married, sealing the fate of many in Io’garaloth.

Where Zaibon was brutal, fearless and strong, Zadi was cunning manipulative and intelligent together the pair eliminated Zaibon’s rivals replacing them with people loyal to one or the other of them, freeing Prismeous and winning them over to their side. Zadi herself began making pacts with many a young tiefling girl introducing her to the powers of a Fiend Pact warlock. Zadi particularly enjoyed picking those who already show a interest in magic.

As their power grew so did their love, despite being a succubus Zadi does care for Zaibon (as he does for her) and the pair have grown into a “healthy” relationship.

Zadi was slain by Alexandros when the heroes foiled an Horned Alliance plot to dominate the dragon Castanamir.

Zadi Arychesa

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