Small stout and clad in black leather at all times, suffer is covered in many scars, some she put there herself. Most noticeably she has scars that pass over either of her eyes clearing cutting them, but not blinding her somehow.


Born in the tiefling slums of Io’garaloth, Suffer was born into the Horned Alliance, and trained as a thief from a young age, that began to escalate into burglary, and her undoubtable skill led to her never getting caught. At the age of 16 she was sent by Tellert Vadu to the capital to hone her skill having some personal instruction by Dorethau Vadu herself. By the time she was an adult Zaibon was already the leader of the Horned Alliance in Io’garaloth. She was appointed as one of Zaibon’s enforcers by Dorethau and now closely follows of the orders of Zadi Arychesa.

Suffer was killed by a crazed Alexandros during a conflict underground. This murder set off the parties feud with the Horned Alliance.


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