Rain and Sunshine!

tiefling assassin twins


Rain is a dower young man of 24 with a long sad face, prominent nose and long black bangs. His horns are small, but sharply pointed, he always dressed in deep black leather with a long cloak around his neck.

Sunshine! is a beautiful young women of 24, with a narrow pretty face with highcheek bones and a evil smile. Her hair is strawberry blond, and her horns are long and curved. While her brother’s red is pale, her’s is very bright, colored in almost a orange way. She typically wears very revealing clothing, and her signature star shaped sunglasses.


Born in 1457 Rain and Sunshine were twins born to Sea King Darkstar, they lived there early life in extreme luxury before there father was killed by Draeken Malios at the Battle of the Roiling Cauldron. Sea King Darkstar had connections to the Horned Alliance, and so Dorothea Vadu raised the children as her own, acting as a sort of god mother to the pair.

Sunshine’s potent Sorcerer powers were honed by the Warlocks of the Cabal, The Horned Alliance’s powerful arcane force. While Rain was raised in Blazestone trained in various arts of killing by many famous assassins. Each on there own the Twins experienced very hands on training by capable individuals, whose goal was to turn the twins into the ultimate weapon of Dorothea.

The twins were kept separate for a large portion of there life, only seeing each other every few months, though they corresponded almost daily, it is said that they can feel each other’s pain, and understand the emotions that the other one is going through even when they are leagues apart. They reunited when they were 18, where they celebrated there mutual graduations by killing a Vizier, and nearly burning the Imperial district in Io’calioth

Having reached “maturity” Dorothea offered the children prominent places in the Horned Alliance, with Sunshine being in control of the Cabal, while Rain would take over there operation in Io’Falkor. Since this would mean the Twins would have to be separate they declined, instead having discovered a mutual enjoyment, and skill in assassination.

For the next 6 years the Twins became the terror of the Empire and Underworld alike, killing everyone for anyone. They have slaughtered dozens of Viziers, countless crime bosses, 3 dragons, 2 Grand Viziers, and even a Sea King. They have a standing offer that they openly flaunt claiming to kill the Emperor, if someone is willing to pay 100,000,000 gp. The only one who seems to have any “control” over the twins is Dorothea Vadu, with whom they give substantial discounts for their services. The only contract they haven’t completed was when a foolish crimeboss tried to pay them to kill Vadu. They took his money, then Sunshine slowly burned him alive for the insolence of such a act,

Now the Twins have there next target, upon a special request from Grandmother, they now hunt the Crew of the Eldritch Storm.

Rain and Sunshine!

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