Leria Long Shore

Elven Sea Sorcerer


Leria has an inverted triangular face with large, innocent-looking eyes that at a deep blue with green flecks. Slightly pudgy cheeks accentuate plump lips that fall below a small, cute nose. Wavy, thick hair is put into a low half bun and is silvery blue in color.At about 5’ 6", she is dainty and frail looking, but underneath the layers of formal wear are lean and hardened muscles.


Leria was born both one in 100 and one in a million at the same time. A child of the Sea King Long Shore, she had brothers and sisters spanning across the lands, but as a child of a female scion, she was a one in a lifetime item for her father. Treasured since birth, she led a sheltered life under Pitora, her governess in the estate. It was conformable, and the model childhood for what she had – with her father gone on the ocean a large amount of the time and her mother absent. She had education in many fields, spanning to fighting to politics, and easily picked up the rough and tumble ways of her brother Vulas. When she was 6, prior to becoming a sea king, Sea King Senestrago kidnaped her from the island on one of the many outings to the city and ransomed her off to her father. Ever since that week she and her father have held a hate in their heart for Senestrago and, if the chance arises, will deal with him and his crews. When she got home, the free outings to the city became careful watches from her brothers and sisters as she explored the estates’ corners. Happy afternoons with Pitora were tainted and love she once held for the villagers became distant. To top of the running of her family, her sister Allisa let her hate finally show, as Leria was the child born out of wedlock that ruined Allisa’s parents’ marriage. Torment and teasing plagued her life, continuing until Allisa left to join her father’s crew as a captain. That’s when she really started to have fun again, knowing every nook and cranny of the estate, Vulas and herself started to cause trouble on the land. Eventually, she became comfortable enough to sneak out with him to the city and saw how the city really became. After years of looking at the stars and the grass, she could never take her eyes off of the ocean – feeling a calling so intense it hurt some days. Axelle was the one she found the most trust in eventually. Being a city guard Axelle would be able to get Vulas and her out of trouble, and where she learned how to circumnavigate the law like her father. Eventually, even Vulas left, joining another crew to sail to the ocean. She was alone, but after quite a few years, her father came to inform her that his ship never returned to port and that she was not allowed to look for him. It hurt, enough to cause her to leave. Under the guise that she had to leave since she drew attention to the estate, she left to Kheth – Vulas’s last known whereabouts – to look for Denarion Morrow, one of Vulas old mates that he still had contact with. That is where we meet her, a lost girl looking for her lost brother.

Leria Long Shore

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