Haegar Kreed

Enforcer for the Horned Alliance


Haegar is tall, dark and handsome,having outgrown much of his teenage akwardness through the harsh life he encountered as a young man in Io’garaloth. He wears hide armor, and typically fights with a longsword or battleaxe, but is a careful combatant despite his weapon choice, preferring subtly to brute force.


Born on the island of Kheth to Lucien and Tana Vestus, Haegar grew up brewing Impstinger Ale, and working around the Talisman for his folks. Haegar grew up in a healthy household, growing larger and stronger than most of the other kids on the island. As a child, Haegar began picking on the very bookish Darien, and several of the other kids on the island as well. As he grew older his relationship with Darien deteriorated, and while their confrontations rarely got violent. When he was 15 he met a young dark elf girl named Talia Darkbloom who was a druid in the nearby forest, Haegar and Talia got along wonderfully, and he begun visiting her often, with the two becoming quick friends.

Unfortunately for Haegar, Talia told him that she loved Darien, not him. Heartbroken Haegar Kreed (as he called himself) decided he would fight for her affection and attacked Darien. However for the first time Darien got the upper hand in their fight, outsmarting the enraged Haegar, and beating him to a pulp. Humiliated Haegar stole some money from his family and stowed away on the Lantheon deciding to never return to Kheth.

Haegar Kreed, had a few hard months in Io’garaloth after his money was stolen from him by urchins upon his arrival. Kreed begged in the streets, and when that failed resorted to muggings. When he was 16 he happened to attempt to rob Zaibon Krinvasch, and was summarily beaten within an inch of his life. Zaibon spared Haegar due to his tiefling heritage, taking him back to the Hellstrike and offering him a place to stay provided he join the Horned Alliance, to which Haegar eagerly accepted.

Throughout his late teens Haegar acted as a street tough for the Horned Alliance, performing various tasks for them. Haegar worked very hard taking little time for himself, and due to his hard work, quickly became a respected member of the guild. During a fight against Imperial guards, Haegar singlehandly killed 3 of them, saving Prismeous’s life and allowing the others to escape. After this Zaibon appointed him as an enforcer, a personal bodyguard to Zaibon himself.

At this time Haegar met the beautiful Excellence, who was the first woman he fell in love with since Talia; Excellence’s flirtatious exterior, combined with her deep-seated grit and determination at first annoyed Haegar but the two quickly fell for each other, after spending a drunken night together. Since then the two have had a very close relationship, though they do break up often when their personalities conflict, however they always end up back together in the end.

After acting as a bodyguard for Zaibon for 3 years Haegar has only recently been given new power as an enforcer, being sent out as one of Zaibon’s personal mouthpieces when Prismeous isn’t available. Through hardwork and dedication Haegar has made a life for himself in Io’garaloth, and is a high up in the ladder of the Horned Alliance.

Haegar Kreed

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