Excellence is a tiefling woman of average height standing at 5’5". A woman of extraordinary beauty, Excellence dresses to take ever advantage of her good looks. Under her flirtatious exterior, is a powerful warlock and dangerous woman.


Excellence grew up in Io’garaloth in one of the tiefling slums in the Fishbelly grotto. At some point in her youth, she made a deal with a powerful entity from the Nine Hells which allowed her to harness infernal energy. The overseer of said contract, came in the form of an Imp, which she quickly nicknamed Impy, who has since acted as an unwilling familiar.

Excellence used her new found powers to protect herself in the mean streets and established a connection with the Horned Alliance, though she refused to join them outright. After taking a loan from the guild she built a tavern in Fishbelly grotto, naming it Impy’s after her familiar who she employed to act as a bartender. Excellence allows the Horned Alliance to operated within her tavern, hoping that one day she can pay off her loan.

A few years back, Excellence met a striking young tiefling named Haegar Kreed, whom she fell deeply in love with. Haegar being one of the few tieflings she had not grown up with in the city, made him more interesting than the men of Io’garaloth many of whom she thought of as brothers. Many disapproved of their relationship, but Haegar’s steady rise in the ranks of The Horned Alliance has quelled many of their detractors. Today their relationship is very on again off again, but they always tend to get back together.

Excellence was killed in a Imperial Raid by Vizier Nharrek.


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