Captain Darien Hackenridge

The Vigilante


A self confident young elf half man, lithe, with typical heroic features, dressed to impress.


Darien was born in a Raftown, though he was quickly abandoned. Darien later somehow made his way onto the ship Morrow’s Folly which wrecked on Kheth over Nineteen Years ago. The captain of the ship Denarion Morrow adopted Darien after discovering his adventurous spirit, and Darien stayed in Tyrak’n with the captain and the rest of the shipwrecked orphans. Not as social as the other children in town, Darien spent most of his early childhood with his nose in a book, the only friends he had where those inside the pages. One day after a vicious round of bullying from Haegar Kreed, young Darien sought solitude in the jungles of Kheth, outside of the wooden palisade of Tyrak’n. Beyond the palisade he met a beautiful Dark Elf druid named Talia Darkbloom, they hit it off quick and became good friends as she led him back to Tyrak’n. Talia agreed to teach Darien the ways of the woods, and inspired his love of nature, eventually this new found freedom led to him standing up to his long time bully Haegar, who left the Island shortly afterwards. As he got older Darien began to have feeling for Talia and when he tried to present these, she rejected him, and he has not seen her since. After the rejection, Darien started to fall into a deep depression which led him to lash out at authority figures eventually befriending three local troublemakers, Kynt, Jesper, and Varia. Captain Morrow, got wind of his actions and forced him to come out to sea, and work as a deckhand for a year. During this time he became close friends/rivals with Xalak a Dragonborn sailor who sought to make his mark on the world as well. Xalak taught young Darien how to fight, much to the chagrin of Captain Morrow. When their ship returned to Tyrak’n Darien parted ways with Xalak only to discover that Jesper, Kynt, and his ex girlfriend Varia had disappeared within the Serpent Hill Ruins. Captain Morrow tried to convince Magistrate Von Zarkyn to search for the children but due to Kheth’s decree, they were unable to. This soured the relationship between Morrow and the Magistrate who Darien also began to hate. Recently Darein has been wanting to find good fortune outside of Kheth, and plans to leave the island once Morrow returns from his latest job. Darien only stays because he feels responsible for the remaining Orphans of Morrow’s Folly, who he has become the defacto leader of.

Captain Darien Hackenridge

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