"Escape from the Undercity"

Chapter 3 Episode 4

30th of Eryman 1474 DY

After being captured by the Kuo-Toa, Darien, Leria, and Alexandros where put to work doing back breaking slave labor for a group of Neogi. Melas was sent below to be examined by the Illithids, it quickly became apparent that the Mindflayers wanted to eat him or turn him, though they were arguing among themselves to determine which course of action was best. 

The others fought back against their captors with the help of Arrash, a eager young dragonborn Imperial, who swore his life to Darien for his efforts in the escape. Arriving just in the nick of time to save Melas, the heroes faced off against the Star Priest and his lackeys before fleeing from the Mindflayer Colony. The heroes where cornered by Suffer (the Horned Alliance representative within the Illithids)  and Suldovtec the Ulitharid, before a confrontation could be had an Neoillithid burst through the ground scattering the heroes enemies and trapping them with Suffer. 

Alexandros who had been driven temporarily insane by a short foray into the Far Realm killed Suffer, while the rest of the party dispatched with the Neoillithid. Returning to the surface the heroes decided to lay low for a few weeks.


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