"Devil's Advocate"

Chapter 3 Episode 6

9th of Ashardalon

Darien awoke in his bed wounded and sore, his party members had seen him slain, but when Leria dragged him out of the water he lived. Darien learned that Prismeous had survived being pushed overboard, and has now holed himself up in Hellstrike, while the City Watch besieges the place. 

After speaking to Magistrate Imazhia the heroes coordinated an effort with the City Watch to deal with the Horned Allaince. Melas, Leria and Darien fought there way through Horned Alliance goons making there way upstairs towards Prismeous. 

Prismeous seemed to have the upper hand, using the highly volitale catastrophic dragon egg in his postion as a powerful bargaining ship to save his own skin, and that of Zaibon's daughter Ana, as he fled Haegar Kreed revealled to Darien that it was a ruse, after the party gererously allowed Prismeous's soliders to go. Chasing Prismeous above deck the tiefling escaped via a teleportation circle, but not before leaving behind a challenge for the heroes, in the form of the Demonbinder Kalastryse. 

Weakened by their fight against his goons, the heroes fought back against Kalastryse and her summoned Demons, however shortly after the fight began, another unexpected vistor arrived, in the form of Iojad. The heroes played the pair against each other and were able to defeat them, in a hard fought battle, killing Kalastryse, and capturing Iojad. 

Back on the Eldritch Storm, Darien convinced Iojad to work as a sort of double agent, selling Darien goods and temporarily pointing the Shan Qabal in a different direction. Iojad was given back most of his gear, in exchange for some future projects that he agreed to work on for Darien. 

Iojad also revealed to Darien the secrets of the Wyrmworn. The Wyrmworn are children whose souls are bound with the souls of powerful dragon sorcerers, that the Shan Qabal discovered sealed away, the Wyrmworn were to use in a coup against the current regime, but that coup was put down, leading to the Shan Qabal wanting to deal with the leftovers quickly and quietly. Unfortunatly for them, someone discovered this plot and spirited the children away, before the Shan Qabal could act. 

A few days later the heroes where commanded to attend to Castanamir in his Sun Palace, he thanked them for saving his life, and granted them a small boon to the tune of 100,000 gp. He also allowed them to stay a single day in his luxury palace, a reward given to very few people. 

Now the heroes have enough money to start a fleet with, the next step on Darien's journy to become a Sea King. 


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