"Thralls of the Jhal Shard"
Chapter 2 Episode 6

7th of Tamara 1474 DY

Our heroes decide that it is time to free Denarion Morrow from the clutches of the Jhal Shard, equipped with a map of the warehouse given to them by the Horned Alliance, Melas, Fulvous and Darien planned to sneak in, kill the wizard Toseth and free Morrow. After fighting a group of Xorns on there way to the warehouse the party made there way towards Toseth's personal Laboratory. Stealing a few of his personal effects and freeing a member of the Deeplantern Guild the wizard was interrogating, the heroes plan to jump Toseth was comprised when they discovered he was giving a tour of his lab to Magistrate Fayal and Iojad Talkorin of the Shan Qabal. 

Still being unable to free Morrow the group freed some perspective Thralls to cause havoc in the complex, freeing prisoners and monsters alike. Narrowly avoiding Toseth Darien freed his father but was narrowly apprehended by Iojad, who decided that Toseth's loss was more valuable to him than Darien's death. 

Now Darien must find a way to free his father without killing him, while the rest of the heroes prepare to search for the Shield. 

Chapter 2 Episode 5

30th of Io'lor 1474 DY

While waiting aboard the Eldritch Storm, Melas was attacked by a strange creature called a Spider of Leng, barely surviving the attack the crew discovered the Spider stowed away on a shipment of goods purchased from the Temple of Melora. Our heroes went to discuss the intruder on their ship with Kato, and Alyss Tallgrove, before setting off on individual errands. The heroes learned that the Myrthon Regency has separated from the Empire which is prompting a civil war within the Empire. Combined with the news of an entire fleet of warships disappearing has scared the local populace, who wish for the return of the quick return of the Emperor who is out adventuring. 

Lyria and Melas went to go speak with some priests of Melora about Lyria's heritage, though the priest was less than helpful. It seems that the church has gone through some hard times lately, even recently being stricken by lightning. Melas decided to purchase a scroll of Augury and later determined that Lyria was half celestial! 

Meanwhile Fulvous and Darien spoke with Orson Laro of the Deeplantern guild, hoping to find out information on the shield Fulvous was seeking, and in Darien's case join the guild. Not being able to immediately become a member and unable to reach an agreement on the Shield the pair left the Deeplantern Guild feeling rather disappointed. 

Arriving back on the ship the party discovered that an emissary from the Horned Alliance had finally come to give them the information they needed. Haegar Kreed, the childhood bully of Darien had been sent by Zaibon as a test of loyalty, both from Haegar and Darien. Though the negotiations were tense Haegar gave Darien and Lyria the knowledge they needed. He gave Darien blueprints to Toseth's laboratory including a secret way inside, and told Lyria of her brother's connections to the Knights of Ardyn, and his subsequent imprisonment in Zardkarth. Mheletros the Iron dragon, warden of the prison plans to eat Vulas on the 30th of Tamara (1 month away) unless he is ransomed. Kreed offered two options for Lyria, a substantial loan, or an assisted prison break, after debating her options Lyria choose the latter. 

Wanting to find out more about Vulas's relationship with the Knights of Ardyn, Lyria accompanied Melas to his rendezvous with Johais. Vulas apparently served with the Knights because of bad blood against the empire, for what they to Bael Nerath in a recent rebellion. Vulas served as a pirate and general disrupter for the Knights in Io'cailoth between his work for his father, but had to quickly leave the city after the palace was destroyed due to an increase in pressure from the Empire. Vulas was apprehended after being separated from his first mate Priscilla. 

Lyria decides to join the Knights of Ardyn and assist Melas in his quest. A couple months ago the Captain of the Morkoth was executed for betraying Sea King Kalas, and his ship was taken by the empire and is now being held in the Venomspine Grotto under layers of Imperial red tape. Apparently the Morkoth was carrying a cargo very important to Ardyn, and Melas is to find the ship and retrieve the cargo aboard it. The only lead they have is through the first mate Heron Trickler who is most likely staying at one of the local inns. Heron would know where the ship is and the cargo that is aboard it. 

"Deal with the Devil"
Chapter 2 Episode 4

25th of Io'lor 1474 DY

Darien could not find any trace of his father in the city, but did come across his uncle Johias Ilum who spoke to him on the Knights of Ardyn. Johias informed Darien of Melas's importance to the Knights, and asked him to arrange another meeting between them. After agreeing to do so, Darien departed and decided to regroup with his allies. 

Melas gathered up some ingredients for the ritual to restore his memory before returning to the ship. The heroes informed each other of their findings before heading to meet with Kato. After being briefed by Kato (now in his Clef disguise) the party met with the tiefling warlock Excellence, who after a good deal of flirting agreed to arrange a meeting with Zaibon. 

The ill mannered Prismeus (Lieutenant to Zaibon) met them at Impy's and led them to Hellstrike, the flagship/fortress of the Horned Alliance. The party gave their appeal to Zaibon as he bleached the bones of a dragonborn who crossed him, and he agreed to help them in anyway he could, provided they do a favor for him, to be named at a later date. The party agreed and drank Impstinger to seal the deal. 

The next day the party met with Kato for lunch at the Hen and Apple. While they were eating human man approached the parties table offering a message to Darien. He threatened the party with the wrath of Iojad the Elementalist (a member of the Shan Qabal) before detonating an acid bomb in an attempt to kill Darien. While Lyria was hurt (along with several townsfolk) the party survived and fled the scene. 

Heading back to the ship discreetly the Kato hoped that the party would avoid trouble with the local authorities urging the party to duck away from the Jhal Shard wizard Toseth, who was patrolling the streets with his procession of Thrulls. Much to his horror Darien recognized one of the Thrulls under the command of Toseth to be his father Denarrion. 

"Maiden Voyage"
Chapter 2 Episode 3

23rd of Io'lor 1475 DY

Our heroes set sail for Castanamir on the maiden voyage of their newly repaired ship The Eldritch Storm. Laden with supplies and accompanied by their new crew, the heroes arrived in Castanamir with out incident. Zalios appointed Alyss Tallgrove as the ship's temporary quartermaster, tasking her with the job of selling the goods the party brought from Kheth. 

Darien went to search out a few of Morrow's old haunts, in the hope of finding him, while Lyria and Melas went to go find the information broker known as Clef Wimbly, who might be able to help them find Morrow. 

While Lyria and Melas searched some local inns, Zalios and Aivin met with Arcane Sevenson a senile halfing wizard who despite his infirmity did manage to give Zalios the address of the Demonbinder. 

Lyria was robbed by street orphans, and Melas met up with Fulvous who was searching for a magic shield somewhere in Io'garaloth. That night the party headed to the Leering Skull, a famous gambling den. Lyria, Melas, Zalios, and Fulvous tried their hands at different games of chance, to varying degrees of success. 

While Zalios contuined to win at cards, Melas, Fulvous and Lyria met with Clef Wimbly who turned out to be an old friend of Melas!. Clef Wimbly was only an alias of Kato the hafling priest of Avandra who spent his nights acting as an information broker. While Kato did not know where Vulas or Morrow are, he did provide invaluable information to the party about the city, and offered to provide them a connection to one of the local thieves guilds. After some deliberation, Melas decided to choose to try and contact The Horned Alliance, a guild of anti-imperial tiefling supremacists with the help of Kato. 

Meanwhile Rath stood outside the Leering Skull awaiting her friends return, she noticed that a group of soldiers were seeking to apprehend Clef, hoping that Melas's telepathy reaches her, Rath marched around the builiding hoping to establish a connection. Melas did indeed since Rath and together with Lyria, Fulvous and Kato escaped, making plans to meet with the Horned Alliance contact in the morning. 

The next day Zalios met with Demonbinder Kalastryse, a strange woman cloaked in a overlong black robe, who walked with a irregular limp. This Demonbinder informed Zalios that she could strip much of the Demon's control over him away, leaving some of it's power behind, she did not ask for payment, only seeking to keep the demon's essence. Zalios agreed and was freed from his demonic chains for the first time in his life. 



"The Black Pyramid"
Chapter 2 Episode 2

8th of Io'lor 1474 DY

Descending into the Black Pyramid our heroes sought to stop the ritual that was to be performed on Soul Harvest, which would cause any person who died on Kheth to have their soul transferred to Vecna. The party rescued a strange bird man known as a Kenku, named Fulvous from the clutches of the Cult. Apparently this creature was looking for a  memory altering artifact in the ruins when he had been captured. 

With their new ally the party fought against a series of opponents in the church, including cultists, flameskulls and even a singing Otyguh. After traveling through a strange fleshy wall (which only Melas and Evandor could see) the consciousness of several of the heroes swapped with another, leaving only Melas and Zalios with their own bodies, and depriving those who were effected of their memories. 

After overcoming the anemia inducing powers of the memory devourer (which was the creature our Fulvous was searching for), the heroes slew the beast and Kytherion Shadowhorn the leader of the Vecnites, effectively ending his plots on Kheth.  

While Zalios and Rath divided up Kytherion's equipment, Melas slipped through a crack in space and time alongside Evandor. He returned a short time later carrying a massive tome crafted from an unknown type of leather containing such a abundance of information even Melas could not digest it all quickly. Evandor suddenly departed after issuing cryptic advice on several issues to Melas. 

Spending the next several months in Tyrak'n the party waited for their ship The Eldritch Storm our heroes spent the majority of their time, resting, working, hiring crew members, and training though a few things of note did happen.

Darien spoke with Serusa, who revealed that another member of the Shan Qabal was sent to deal with the Wyrmworn, in this case those who rode aboard the Tempest this man is a Dragonborn named Iojad and he specializes in Elemental Weaponry. Both Serusa and Darien swore to meet again, but for now Serusa is headed for a trial in Io'cailoth. 

Magistrate Von Zarkyn spoke with the heroes on several issues, warning them of Esselth, Kheth's ire, Thariel's connection to the Vecnites, and a possible invasion by Sanghor. Promising to aid the Magistrate against the goblins, the heroes also forged an alliance with Irindol, (the former ruler of the island) in an attempt to take down Kheth in the future. 

After hiring an impressive crew, stocking up on Impstinger Ale, and saying their farewells, Zalios, Lyria, Darien, Melas and Rath boarded The Eldrtich Storm with Aivin Niri heading to the Io'garaloth and the Dragon Sea at large. 

"A death in the family"
Chapter 2 Episode 1

8th of Zarenshar DY 1474

Darien and Melas attempted to interrogate Lara a girl with the connections to the Vecnites. Though Darien gets a bit tongue tied while attempting to speak with her, through Melas's mind reading they get the information they need. Gathering up the rest of the party (who were laying low in Shrine of Bahamut.) they headed beneath the Magistrate's mansion, hoping to search the Vecnites Lair for clues that lead them to the Black Pyramid. 

Lyria, Thorgrim, Zalios and Rath hid around the cellar entrance, while Darien and Melas snuck into the secret chamber behind the cultists. Searching the chambers below them in secret Melas (while invisible) stumbled across a documents which led them to The Black Pyramid, and set an important timetable for them, they needed to stop the ritual before Soulharvest (the 13th of Zarenshar) or all the souls of those who die on Kheth will be transferred to Vecna. 

Unfortunately Darien alerted the Vecnites to the heroes presence before he and Melas could make their escape. The Vecnites chased Darien followed by a pair of Wights, one of the Wights happened to notice Lyria, and combat was joined. Melas managed to scare most of the cultists away through magical threats, and the others managed to kill the wights, but not before one of them drained the life from Thorgrim. 

Knowing that they did not have long until Soulharvest the heroes gave Thorgrim a quick burial planning on doing an extended service at another time. Heading to the Black Pyramid the heroes spotted several large groups of undead rising and heading towards the Serpent Hill Ruins, and the Harrowfang Cauldron. Deciding to save this for later our heroes arrived at the Black Pyramid, and fought against the corpse of Esselth before making their way into the Pyramid…

NOTE: Thorgrim was killed by a wight. He was buried under the rock where Darien professed his love to Talia Darkbloom prompting Darien to read the letter she wrote him. The contents of which he has not revealed yet. 

"The Wyrmworn"
Chapter 1 Episode 9

3rd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Walking back to the Eldritch Storm alone, Zalios was kidnapped by a group of Vecnites who prepared to sacrifice him to their dark god. He recognized Dockmaster Zalan, a barmaid named Lara, and Lady Thariel herself among the cultists. As they pierced his flesh with a jagged dagger the demon inside him awoke bursting free, Zalios killed the Dockmaster and escaped. 

Meanwhile Evandor began acting as Melas's spiritual guide through the nightmarescape that the pair routinely visited. After their experience Evandor nonchalantly mentions that one of Melas's friends is in grave danger. Checking on all of his friends Melas discovered that friend to be Darien. 

The masked assassin with the insectoid claw attacked Darien while he was alone in his hut, but do to pure luck Darien noticed his presence before said claw tore into his jugular. Not wanting to fight the assassin on his own, Darien ran outside his house and dived into the water, hoping to escape his assailant. 

Unfortunately his assailant moved with unnatural speed quickly, finding him underwater and proceeding to drown him. However at this time the rest of the heroes arrived and together they fought off the assassin (and his hand which detached upon his death). Unmasking the assassin reveled it to be Faerdan Kalthain. 

Serusa was arrested, and after questioning her Darien discovered he was what is known as a Wyrmworn, an experiment gone wrong, and a loose end which the Shan Qabal wanted to clean up. 

Melas, Rath, and Lyria discovered Zalios who was severely wounded, and after healing him learned of the Vecnites. After a brief discussion the heroes decided that the Vecnites were a slightly more dire threat than the earthquakes coming from Vorkun, and set about trying to find the Black Pyramid. 

(Lyria dealt the killing blow to the Assassin Faerdan) 

Chapter 1 Episode 8

2nd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Aside Aivin Niri, the party traveled went below the Serpent Hill Ruins, into what appeared to be the crypt of a Yuan-Ti Prince, fighting against a pair of Yuan-Ti mummies, Rath came down with a nasty case of Mummy Rot, though Aivin would be able to cure it given time. Past the mummies, Melas heard noises coming from the next room over, and began to listen in. One of Kheth's Sorcerers, and a pair of Yuan-Ti Purebloods were speaking with a strangely pale Tiefling man in runic armor over there attempts to use the Harrowfang Cauldron.

While Melas was eavesdropping on the Tiefling, Darien began to search a nearby Sarcophagi, finding no corpse inside of it, but instead a variety of coins and a strange golden scroll case. Opening the case Darien accidently freed the soul of a Yuan-Ti prince, named Esselth, who then took up residence within Darien. Lyria began to approach Darien, but made a loud noise while doing so, ending up alerting the creatures in the next room.   

The Tiefling sent his minions after the party while he made his escape, forcing the party to do battle with the Yuan-Ti, the Kobold, and the Wights, during the fight the party killed one of the Yuan-Ti which activated the Harrowfang Cauldron, unfortunately an unrelated earthquake rocked the ruins which began to collapse in on themselves leading the party to make a narrow escape. 

After speaking about the Cauldron and Esselth the party returned to Kheth with Aivin. On their way back they met a strange elven man named Evandor, who shared many similarities with Melas. Evandor spoke solely with Telepathy, is unfailingly polite, and wishes others would not curse around him, he and Melas explained some of the nature of their powers to the others in the group, and Evandor followed the group back to Tyrak'n. 

Upon noticing the Lantheon had arrived back in town Darien rushed home with the hopes of finding Morrow, who had last served on the ship, not finding him at home, Darien spoke to Captain Raiko (a close friend of Darien and Thorgrim) who informed him that Morrow had not departed with the ship from Io'garalath, though he had been in the city. 

Later that night over drinks, the sailors from the Lantheon spoke about a recent terror attack in the capital, though none know who committed it. Lyria nearly got in a fist fight with one of them after a flippant comment about her father. Zalios was nowhere to be seen. 

The Magistrate and his wife spoke to the party, informing them of Cyrik's departure from Kheth. He plans on petitioning the empire for support against the goblin threat. While they were speaking Esselth took up residence in the magistrate, who was later informed of this happening by Thorgrim. 

Evandor spoke to Melas about giving into the powers, saying that the more he resisted the weaker he would become, Melas tentaivly agreed to Evandor's request and the pair prepare for sleep. 

Darien returned home worried about his father, and began going to bed. Fortunately for him he noticed the Assassin with the insectoid arm, who was hiding within his rooms. The assassin lunged for his throat as we cut to black. 

"Serpents and Shadows"
Chapter 1 Episode 7

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Thorgrim met up with the rest of the heroes inside the ruins, and together they delved deeper into the ruins. The party came across a magically dark room that was filled with dangerous Shadows. The party tied themselves together in an attempt to get through the room, but were distracted after being attacked by these creatures.

By happenstance Melas activated his new staff (discovering it to be a Staff of the Python), but learned he did not have great control over the snake that it transformed into which seemed to have a mind of its own. The snake crushed a statue which was creating the darkness leading to the shadow's retreat. 

After taking a short rest the heroes found Aivin Niri who has been investigating the Harrowfang Caludron. After helping Aivin get past a Serpent Door, the group travelled further below into the ruins. 

"Serpent Hill Ruins part 1"
Chapter 1 Episode 6

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Catching their breath for a moment after their fight with the Kobolds, Darien and Lyria questioned Zalios about his strange power, and he revealed some of his checkered past. Meanwhile Melas invisibly began to search a nearby room unfortunately being ambushed by a Ooze which dropped on him from the ceiling. 

After fleeing from the Ooze (and deciding to leave it alone) Darien began to explore another room, before he was ambushed by a group of specters. A long hard fight played out between the specters and the party but our heroes won out, deciding to rest afterwards. 


Darien came across the corpses of his sibling Varia and Jesper who had both been killed by a poison dart trap. 

Exploring further into the dungeon at night, the party fought against a group of zombies, a pair of poltergeists, and saw evidence of a group of ghouls who live in the prison of the complex, though they appeared to be out hunting. 

In the last sell of the prison, Darien discovered the body of young Kynt, who rose in wraith form up from behind him to attack. The party fought a running battle against the creature before a powerful series of spells flung by Zalios, Lyria, and Melas laid the Wraith/Kynt to rest. 


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