Chapter 1 Episode 2

6th of Lendys 1474 DY

Thorgrim awakens in the home of Rath, a local priest of Bahamut. The night before Thorgrim had been ambushed by a unknown creature, but managed to escape it into the pier. Rath found him barely alive in the morning and patched him up. Darien, Lyria, and Melas return to Tyrak'n with Kyoshi's body in tow. Darien meets up with Thorgrim and together to pair mourn the dead. 

Meanwhile Zalios arrives in Kheth, his money running out just short of his destination. He heads to the Talisman to look for work and give several bounties, including one place on the head of the Chieftain of the Firespear Orcs, a bounty to the tune of 1000 crowns. In the Talisman Melas collapses from exhaustion, and his helped to his room by Lyria and Zalios. Serusa spots Zalios and seems very intrigued by his presence. 

Thorgrim and Darien make there way to the tavern, meeting the Zalios and proposing he join them on their expedition to Rune's Cave. Suddenly a earthquake roars through Tyrak'n, a strange occurrence indeed. Darien is asked by the Magistrate to deliver a message to Aiven Niri, a local arcanist so that she might investigate the earthquake. However as they pass by her tower she does not appear to be home. 

They explore Rune's Caves, unlocking the Serpent Door, battling against snakes and skeletons, and Darien goes through his first near death experience. Exiting the Caves the heroes make their way towards a Derelict Ship that was spotted off the shore of Kheth. 

The ship is of a Nerathi design, however its hull is reinforced with iron plates, corpses are hung from its mast, and its sails are red with blood. It is a ship from the goblin nation of Sanghor, how it got past the imperial patrols is anyone's guess. 

Chapter 1 Episode 1

4th of Lendys 1474 DY

Leria Longshore arrived on Kheth to discover Captain Morrow to be working off island, and befriended his adopted son Darien Hackenridge. The pair met a rather strange fellow named Melas who didn't seem to remember much of anything, Darien introduced Melas to his uncle Johias Illum, the very man Melas had come to the island to meet. While drinking together at the local tavern the Talisman Johias was arrested when Taazhon (a visiting sailor) discovered he held a Fang of Ardyn, the symbol of the terror group The Knights of Ardyn, Johias was banished from Kheth, but not before handing off the Fang to Melas. 

The following morning Darien was awoken with sour news. His brother Errol had drowned the night before, and his sister Kyoshi had run off into the night. Darien, Lyria, and Melas headed off into the jungles of Kheth, in search of Kyoshi. After killing a group of raiding Firespear Orcs, they discover the tracks of the mysterious Ghost Giant, intermingled with that of Kyoshi's. The heroes tracked the foot prints back to the cave of the Ghost Giant, who turned out to be a solitary Stone Giant named Rune. They discovered that Kyoshi had tragically fallen to her death, after being scared by Rune. Deep down into Rune's caves the heroes traveled retrieving Kyoshi's body and returning to Tyrak'n in search of more help. 


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