"The Wyrmworn"
Chapter 1 Episode 9

3rd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Walking back to the Eldritch Storm alone, Zalios was kidnapped by a group of Vecnites who prepared to sacrifice him to their dark god. He recognized Dockmaster Zalan, a barmaid named Lara, and Lady Thariel herself among the cultists. As they pierced his flesh with a jagged dagger the demon inside him awoke bursting free, Zalios killed the Dockmaster and escaped. 

Meanwhile Evandor began acting as Melas's spiritual guide through the nightmarescape that the pair routinely visited. After their experience Evandor nonchalantly mentions that one of Melas's friends is in grave danger. Checking on all of his friends Melas discovered that friend to be Darien. 

The masked assassin with the insectoid claw attacked Darien while he was alone in his hut, but do to pure luck Darien noticed his presence before said claw tore into his jugular. Not wanting to fight the assassin on his own, Darien ran outside his house and dived into the water, hoping to escape his assailant. 

Unfortunately his assailant moved with unnatural speed quickly, finding him underwater and proceeding to drown him. However at this time the rest of the heroes arrived and together they fought off the assassin (and his hand which detached upon his death). Unmasking the assassin reveled it to be Faerdan Kalthain. 

Serusa was arrested, and after questioning her Darien discovered he was what is known as a Wyrmworn, an experiment gone wrong, and a loose end which the Shan Qabal wanted to clean up. 

Melas, Rath, and Lyria discovered Zalios who was severely wounded, and after healing him learned of the Vecnites. After a brief discussion the heroes decided that the Vecnites were a slightly more dire threat than the earthquakes coming from Vorkun, and set about trying to find the Black Pyramid. 

(Lyria dealt the killing blow to the Assassin Faerdan) 

Chapter 1 Episode 8

2nd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Aside Aivin Niri, the party traveled went below the Serpent Hill Ruins, into what appeared to be the crypt of a Yuan-Ti Prince, fighting against a pair of Yuan-Ti mummies, Rath came down with a nasty case of Mummy Rot, though Aivin would be able to cure it given time. Past the mummies, Melas heard noises coming from the next room over, and began to listen in. One of Kheth's Sorcerers, and a pair of Yuan-Ti Purebloods were speaking with a strangely pale Tiefling man in runic armor over there attempts to use the Harrowfang Cauldron.

While Melas was eavesdropping on the Tiefling, Darien began to search a nearby Sarcophagi, finding no corpse inside of it, but instead a variety of coins and a strange golden scroll case. Opening the case Darien accidently freed the soul of a Yuan-Ti prince, named Esselth, who then took up residence within Darien. Lyria began to approach Darien, but made a loud noise while doing so, ending up alerting the creatures in the next room.   

The Tiefling sent his minions after the party while he made his escape, forcing the party to do battle with the Yuan-Ti, the Kobold, and the Wights, during the fight the party killed one of the Yuan-Ti which activated the Harrowfang Cauldron, unfortunately an unrelated earthquake rocked the ruins which began to collapse in on themselves leading the party to make a narrow escape. 

After speaking about the Cauldron and Esselth the party returned to Kheth with Aivin. On their way back they met a strange elven man named Evandor, who shared many similarities with Melas. Evandor spoke solely with Telepathy, is unfailingly polite, and wishes others would not curse around him, he and Melas explained some of the nature of their powers to the others in the group, and Evandor followed the group back to Tyrak'n. 

Upon noticing the Lantheon had arrived back in town Darien rushed home with the hopes of finding Morrow, who had last served on the ship, not finding him at home, Darien spoke to Captain Raiko (a close friend of Darien and Thorgrim) who informed him that Morrow had not departed with the ship from Io'garalath, though he had been in the city. 

Later that night over drinks, the sailors from the Lantheon spoke about a recent terror attack in the capital, though none know who committed it. Lyria nearly got in a fist fight with one of them after a flippant comment about her father. Zalios was nowhere to be seen. 

The Magistrate and his wife spoke to the party, informing them of Cyrik's departure from Kheth. He plans on petitioning the empire for support against the goblin threat. While they were speaking Esselth took up residence in the magistrate, who was later informed of this happening by Thorgrim. 

Evandor spoke to Melas about giving into the powers, saying that the more he resisted the weaker he would become, Melas tentaivly agreed to Evandor's request and the pair prepare for sleep. 

Darien returned home worried about his father, and began going to bed. Fortunately for him he noticed the Assassin with the insectoid arm, who was hiding within his rooms. The assassin lunged for his throat as we cut to black. 

"Serpents and Shadows"
Chapter 1 Episode 7

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Thorgrim met up with the rest of the heroes inside the ruins, and together they delved deeper into the ruins. The party came across a magically dark room that was filled with dangerous Shadows. The party tied themselves together in an attempt to get through the room, but were distracted after being attacked by these creatures.

By happenstance Melas activated his new staff (discovering it to be a Staff of the Python), but learned he did not have great control over the snake that it transformed into which seemed to have a mind of its own. The snake crushed a statue which was creating the darkness leading to the shadow's retreat. 

After taking a short rest the heroes found Aivin Niri who has been investigating the Harrowfang Caludron. After helping Aivin get past a Serpent Door, the group travelled further below into the ruins. 

"Serpent Hill Ruins part 1"
Chapter 1 Episode 6

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Catching their breath for a moment after their fight with the Kobolds, Darien and Lyria questioned Zalios about his strange power, and he revealed some of his checkered past. Meanwhile Melas invisibly began to search a nearby room unfortunately being ambushed by a Ooze which dropped on him from the ceiling. 

After fleeing from the Ooze (and deciding to leave it alone) Darien began to explore another room, before he was ambushed by a group of specters. A long hard fight played out between the specters and the party but our heroes won out, deciding to rest afterwards. 


Darien came across the corpses of his sibling Varia and Jesper who had both been killed by a poison dart trap. 

Exploring further into the dungeon at night, the party fought against a group of zombies, a pair of poltergeists, and saw evidence of a group of ghouls who live in the prison of the complex, though they appeared to be out hunting. 

In the last sell of the prison, Darien discovered the body of young Kynt, who rose in wraith form up from behind him to attack. The party fought a running battle against the creature before a powerful series of spells flung by Zalios, Lyria, and Melas laid the Wraith/Kynt to rest. 

"Arms of the Balgura"
Chapter 1 Episode 5

15th of Lendys 1474 DY

Darien and Lyria spoke to Lytial while Melas began searching the lower decks of the ship. The dragon didn't say much, only revealing that her and Irindal live somewhere off the shore of Kheth in hiding. Melas found some gold, some jewelry, a pair of magic arrows, a bag of strange dust, a pair of scrolls, and a wooden box. Inside said box was a severed albino goblin head with a pentagram carved in its forehead, when the box was opened the head animated and let out a cryptic warning, a warning that threatened the arrival of Wyrmlord Haxar Zasha, and his dragon Gulzern, if the inhabits of Tyrak'n do not abandon Kheth. 

After Lytial departed from the ship, our heroes were faced with a dilemma. Whether they should try to sail the ship back to Tyrak'n (with only 6 people) or if they should head back to town without it. Deciding to try and make the trek with the ship, the heroes managed to make it back to town with the help of Lyria's excellent sailing skills.  

The party collected the bounty from the Magistrate, and Melas showed him the goblin head. The Magistrate seems deeply troubled by this and promises to investigate it further. Zalios and Darien speak with Dockmaster Zalan, and discover how much and how long it would take to repair the ship (4000 gold and 90 days), deciding to go forward with this investment, the party puts forward a 4th of the money (1000 of their hard earned gold) to do so, with repairs paid up until the 8th of Zarenshar. 

As Melas slept, he received another disturbing vision, imbuing him with more power and the knowledge that a tome he sought was present on the island. Early the next morning another Earthquake rocked the island, this one more powerful the previous ones. In the distance Melas noted a reddish glow in the sky. 

Later that the day the party ventured out to the Morrow's Folly, spoke shortly with Serusa and eyed the work they had been doing, dredging out the corpses from the wreckage. Continuing past the heroes decided to search for the Aivin Niri in the Serpent Hill Ruins, fighting a small Grung Hunting party along the way. 

Arriving outside the Serpent Hill Ruins, the party attempted to sneak past Kheth's patrols, and would have succeeded if not for Zalios and Darien becoming ensnared in hidden bear traps. Melas not wanting to end his invisibility, helped out by secretly freeing Darien and Zalios, aiding (get it?) Lyria and generally avoiding attacking. Taking a few good hits from the cowardly creatures Zalios was nearly felled by a pair of the elite dragonshields, but as he hit the ground a evil black energy enveloped him, the culmination of his recent powers becoming evident as his arms bulged up and nearly tripled in size, crushing one of the nearby Kobolds. 

The battle won, the party quickly retreated into the ruins before the other Kobolds could get to them. 

"The Ship of Blood"
Chapter 1 Episode 4

15th of Lendys 1474 DY

As a large group of goblinoids bared down upon the heroes, they took cover in the nearby jungle. Unfortunately they left very visible tracks on the beach, which led the goblins straight to their location. A fight broke out between the group as the heroes fought against terrible odds. Eventually the inherent cowardice of the goblins, combined with a desperate ploy by Melas the heroes managed to come out victorious. 

Before they could lick their wounds, a larger group of goblins bared down upon the party. Melas and Darien (being the only ones conscious) hid their friends unconscious forms in the nearby shrubbery. The goblins passed by them, and eventually returned to the ship.

The heroes decided to rest for an hour on the beach before staying the night in Rune's caves. They might of even gotten to, if not for the untimely arrival of a roaming Bulette. This caused the party to seperate as they fled from the savage beast. At one point Melas even rode the creature for a short time, but eventually the group made their way back to Tyrak'n (save Thorgrim who had been captured by the goblins).

Returning to the ship two days later they attempted to board it while going unnoticed. Unfortuantly Darien "butter fingers" Hackenridge fell into the ocean with a loud splash just as Zalios had finished scaling the ship.

Zalios protected his allies as they climbed aboard the ship, together fighting against, goblins, hobgoblins, and Captain Lirch, a vicious hobgoblin who helmed the vessel.  The fight was too close for comfort, but just as the goblins began to gain the upper hand, a playful copper dragon named Lyithal joined the fray finishing off most of the surviving goblins.

After the battle the party began speaking to Lyithal who revealed himself to be the spawn of Iriondol, the dragon who ruled the island before Kheth. 

(NOTES Lyria finished off Captain Lirch with a witchbolt to the face.) 

"Strangers in the Night"
Chapter 1 Episodes 3

10th of Lendys 1474 DY

Zalios, Lyria, Darien, Rath,Thorgrim and Melas decided upon discovering that the ship that they had been sent to investigate was a goblin vessel, returned to Tyrak'n to resupply, and prepare themselves to assault it. 

On the way back they stopped by Aivin Niri's tower, to find it still abandoned. Darien decided to break in to see if she was dead or missing. Inside the tower they found a map of Kheth, which had notes on it detailing Aivin's goal to stop something known as "The Harrowfang Cauldron" which apparently was located in the Serpent-Hill ruins. 

While in Tyrak'n Darien and Thorgrim informed the magistrate of the goblin ship, and asked him permission to travel to the Serpent-Hill ruins, which the magistrate refused to give. Cyrik did offer them a reward for dealing with the Goblin ship. Rath returned to her temple, Zalios began to drink, and Lyria discover her skiff was missing. 

The following day, the group hatched a plan to ambush the person who had been behind the recent attacks. Using Thorgrim for bait, the party hid about the docks, preparing to rebuff the attacker. Unfortunately for them, the Assassin took Thorgrim down before anyone but Melas could notice, fleeing away supernaturally fast. (Melas noted the creature had a strange insectoid arm)

Due to Rath's quick actions Thorgrim survived further indebting him to the dragonborn cleric. A few days after their botched ambush, the heroes decided to tackle the goblins before trying to fight the assassin again. 

Traveling back to the ship, the group fought against a small group of goblins and bugbears, who were patrolling on the beachfront. As they killed the last of their foes, they discovered more coming down from the ship. 

Chapter 1 Episode 2

6th of Lendys 1474 DY

Thorgrim awakens in the home of Rath, a local priest of Bahamut. The night before Thorgrim had been ambushed by a unknown creature, but managed to escape it into the pier. Rath found him barely alive in the morning and patched him up. Darien, Lyria, and Melas return to Tyrak'n with Kyoshi's body in tow. Darien meets up with Thorgrim and together to pair mourn the dead. 

Meanwhile Zalios arrives in Kheth, his money running out just short of his destination. He heads to the Talisman to look for work and give several bounties, including one place on the head of the Chieftain of the Firespear Orcs, a bounty to the tune of 1000 crowns. In the Talisman Melas collapses from exhaustion, and his helped to his room by Lyria and Zalios. Serusa spots Zalios and seems very intrigued by his presence. 

Thorgrim and Darien make there way to the tavern, meeting the Zalios and proposing he join them on their expedition to Rune's Cave. Suddenly a earthquake roars through Tyrak'n, a strange occurrence indeed. Darien is asked by the Magistrate to deliver a message to Aiven Niri, a local arcanist so that she might investigate the earthquake. However as they pass by her tower she does not appear to be home. 

They explore Rune's Caves, unlocking the Serpent Door, battling against snakes and skeletons, and Darien goes through his first near death experience. Exiting the Caves the heroes make their way towards a Derelict Ship that was spotted off the shore of Kheth. 

The ship is of a Nerathi design, however its hull is reinforced with iron plates, corpses are hung from its mast, and its sails are red with blood. It is a ship from the goblin nation of Sanghor, how it got past the imperial patrols is anyone's guess. 

Chapter 1 Episode 1

4th of Lendys 1474 DY

Leria Longshore arrived on Kheth to discover Captain Morrow to be working off island, and befriended his adopted son Darien Hackenridge. The pair met a rather strange fellow named Melas who didn't seem to remember much of anything, Darien introduced Melas to his uncle Johias Illum, the very man Melas had come to the island to meet. While drinking together at the local tavern the Talisman Johias was arrested when Taazhon (a visiting sailor) discovered he held a Fang of Ardyn, the symbol of the terror group The Knights of Ardyn, Johias was banished from Kheth, but not before handing off the Fang to Melas. 

The following morning Darien was awoken with sour news. His brother Errol had drowned the night before, and his sister Kyoshi had run off into the night. Darien, Lyria, and Melas headed off into the jungles of Kheth, in search of Kyoshi. After killing a group of raiding Firespear Orcs, they discover the tracks of the mysterious Ghost Giant, intermingled with that of Kyoshi's. The heroes tracked the foot prints back to the cave of the Ghost Giant, who turned out to be a solitary Stone Giant named Rune. They discovered that Kyoshi had tragically fallen to her death, after being scared by Rune. Deep down into Rune's caves the heroes traveled retrieving Kyoshi's body and returning to Tyrak'n in search of more help. 


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