Zalios Kennos

The Demontouched


Zalios Kennos is a human that is 5’ 8”. He is fairly well built, enjoys testing his strength against others and will risk his life to save his friends. He has dark black hair with hazel eyes.


Zalios Kennos is a human in a far away town called Niska. The town had many problems with goblins and giants. So before he was born his parents heard of a way to get great power via demons. So it took them many years to find the way of doing so but in this time his mother Zias was pregnant. When they started to do the ritual they soon found out something wasn’t right. But they didn’t know what. With the failed attempt they gave up. They were crushed with years they waisted. 8 months later he was borned. But not with a great toll. His mother died during birth. His father Earvain with the lost of his wife went into a deep depression. With the one thing she left behind that was the combination of them both his new son. He tried his best to give his son a happy life protecting him from the evil outside. Until one day when he was 5 a band of bandits came to there home and beat his dad and were about to beat him. But once they took that first swing a strong demon like power came from the boy. In mirror second the boy rips and killed the bandits. His father couldn’t believe his eyes. Where did his son get this power. After a few days trying to figure out he remembered that day he and his wife did the ritual. He knew that had to be it. What they thought they had failed was a success….or that’s what he thought. For the next 2 years he would train him in anyway he could. Mostly lifting weights and sparring with wooden swords. His father wasn’t great with a sword but it was enough for the 7 year old boy. But one tragic day would change his life forever. When he was 12 he and his father went to town for their monthy supply run. While the father was inside negotiating he heard a couple of men talking about him and how he was a freak and evil and should be killed. The boy never told his father this. On their way home right outside of town they get surrounded but so many men he can’t even count them all. He doesn’t remember much about that night other then a few moments after when his father is trying his best to protect his son. He sees his father get stabbed and immediately fall right in front of him. And the next thing he knows his in the middle of a ruined city with everything on fire and corpses everywhere. Some of which are town in two and others with their guts everywhere. The boy immediately ran to where he last show his body and when he got there he found all of the men there dead, blood everywhere. He found his father’s body and just cried on him wanting him to come back. While he was crying the wandering man came across him. The man took him with him and trained him. He never knew the name of this man. But he helped him learn of ways to protect others. He told the man he never wanted to lose someone that was close to him again. Now he is 18, the old man sent him off with only basic stuff. Armour, sword, and a few other things. He told him to go and make a name for your self. Told him of the demon within him. Said “you can either find a way of controlling it and gaining its powers for yourself. Or you can let it control you, slowly corrupting you until there is nothing good left in you. The choice is your’s” and with that he was set off. Where he choose to find a way to control it. And with that in mind set out to find a powerful wizard in which that can help him.4ebe7a0b71e0a96324739823d1e4b05e__2_.jpg

Zalios Kennos

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