Zaibon Krinvazh



Standing at an impressive 6’5", Zaibon towers over most normal tieflings. Zaibon is very strong though not overly muscular, it is clear that he has a powerful build without much excess weight on his body. He wears very nice clothing most of the time, preferring a set of dragon hide as his armor. He wields the bronzed jaw bone of a serial killer as a set of brass knuckles but askews most other weapons. He has a habit of bleaching the bones of his enemies and collecting them as trophies.


Zaibon grew up in the tiefling slums of the Fishbelly grotto in Io’garaloth. As a young man Zaibon joined the Horned Alliance, doing some petty thieving for the Alliance which quickly escalated to muggings. As he grew Zaibon continued to raise through the ranks of the Alliance before becoming an enforcer for them. Around this time Zaibon began fighting in the Pit for money, quickly becoming a prized boxer.

Zaibon rose to infamy with his prize fighting, having one of the largest streaks as champions in the history of the Pit, before losing to a half orc (whom later turned up missing). By the time he was 22 Zaibon was acting as Tellert Vadu’s bodyguard, who was the current leader of the Horned Alliance in Io’garaloth. Tellert was eaten by Castanamir after the dragon discovered him cheating in a game of dice, Zaibon replaced Tellert at 28 as leader of the Horned Alliance.

As an act of retribution the Horned Alliance stole some of Castanamir’s eggs (after he had mated with another local dragon) and sold it on the blackmarket. They threw the dragon off their tracks, by blaming another thieves guild in town which was summarily crushed.

Another highlight of Zaibon’s leadership in the Horned Alliance was his personal killing of the serial killer Dread, who terrorized the Fishbelly Grotto for nearly a decade. Zaibon tracked him down and beat the psychotic tiefling to death with his fists. Currently Zaibon wields Dread’s bronzed jaw as a set of brass knuckles.

Zaibon promised to help our heroes in exchange for a favor, to be named at a later date. The heroes can trust Zaibon, as long as their interests don’t conflict.

In 1474 DY Zaibon led the Horned Alliance in a powerplay in an attempt to take over the city of Io’garaloth, allying with the silver dragon Kvanloss and a group of Mindflayers, the group assassinated many important politicians while simultaneously hitting important targets in force with strategic attacks. Zaibon’s plot was foiled by our heroes and was slain by Melas.

Zaibon Krinvazh

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