Class: Barbarian
Age: 96
Height: 4’ 4"
Physique: Very muscular and toned
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Thorgrim is a very muscular dwarf with long red hair and a very long beard. On his forehead is a tattoo of a hammer with 2 lightning bolts coming out of the haft, the symbol of his clan. Across his chest and back is an incredibly elaborate tattoo depicting the ocean during a violent storm, with dark brooding clouds and arcs of lightning. On his left shoulder is a tattoo that is using a different ink than the rest of his tattoos. It is a much darker hue and represents the symbol of a dwarf that has been marked for exile. Generally Thorgrim does not wear a shirt, and during the relatively rare moments that he does, he is most often seen in fairly plain clothes.



Thorgrim was born to a prominent runesmith from Clan Helfien. His father wanted him to continue the family practice of becoming a runesmith, but unfortunately it became abundantly clear that Thorgrim lacked the necessary talent required to be a runesmith, and on top of that Thorgrim lacked the desire to become a runesmith in the first place. Thorgrim would continuously avoid his studies, and would try to visit his uncle, Angrund Helfien, to listen to tales of the surface world and of the ocean. Angrund Helfien was a prominent member of the Helfien Clan, and was responsible for a great deal of the mercantile deals that the Helfien Clan possessed.

Angrund taught Thorgrim how to sail and would occasionally take Thorgrim on some of his shorter trips to the surface. Angrund eventually convinced Thorgrim’s parents to leave him in his care and began training Thorgrim in the ways of trade. This actually went fairly well, and Thorgrim began developing a decent amount of skills in the arts of trade. Unfortunately this did not last. While Angrund was away on one of his extended travels, the rivalry between Clan Helfien and Clan Thundershield was reignited over a dispute of the ownership of some mines.

At first it was heated debates, but then it quickly became a fully-fledged blood war between the two clans, and Thorgrim was sucked up into the conflicts. The fighting between the clans lasted for a few years. At the tail end of the conflicts Thorgrim ended up exiled, however Thorgrim refuses to state the reasons for his exile, and will quickly become angry if pressed for information regarding it. What is known however is that shortly after Thorgrim’s exile, the two warring clans reached a peace agreement and the conflicts ceased.

Angrund, having returned from his extended travels, was able to procure Thorgrim a reputable ship to travel with, but unfortunately could not do more due to the nature of Thorgrim’s exile. It was then that Thorgrim’s travels on the surface began. He traveled a pretty large tract of the ocean, from the waters of the Dragovar Empire, to the waters held by the Sea Kings. Along the way he met a wide variety of people and cultures, and made a few enemies. Ultimately his travels lead to him being chartered with Captain Denarion Morrow, and the two traveled for quite some time together.

Unfortunately Thorgrim suffered from a severe concussion during a very large storm which ultimately sunk Captain Denarion’s ship. Because of his concussion Thorgrim has amnesia and has lost a pretty large chunk of his memory of recent events. Thorgrim has mostly taken this in stride, although he does work to try and find ways to regain his memory.


Marakor Helfien: Thorgrim’s father, and a prominent runesmith of the Helfien Clan. He is fairly well-known for making defensive runes and his mastery of armor forging is unparalleled.

Megina Helfien: Thorgrim’s mother, another prominent runesmith of the Helfien Clan, where her husband specialized in armor, shields, and defensive runes, she specialized in offensive runes and weapons.

Angrund Helfien: Thorgrim’s uncle, the most prominent merchant in the Helfien Clan. He is the head of the merchants guild in the city of Belegost, and is responsible for managing numerous trade deals with the surface world. He also possesses some talent in runesmithing, however his skill is relatively minor and he mostly does it as more of a hobby rather than an actual career.

Relationships (non-family):

Clan Thundershield: The rival clan of Clan Helfien. They are known for possessing very good smiths, however they have very little talent in rune-magics which has always left them jealous of Clan Helfien. They often look for any form of excuse they can get to undermine Clan Helfien’s prominence and power.

Sea King Evan Senestargo: Thorgrim ran into him during his travels on the ocean, and the two definitely did not see eye to eye with one another.

Captain Baylax: A captain of the Dragovar empire, Thorgrim ran into him and the two got into a very heated altercation. Baylax is fairly corrupt and was using his power as an officer of the Dragovar empire to exploit people that were traveling through areas that fell under his jurisdiction. One evening Baylax had the misfortune of choosing the wrong tavern to get some drinks in with his exploited earnings, and ran into Thorgrim (who was fairly drunk at the time). Thorgrim called Baylax out for his underhanded dealings and the two ended up in a fistfight, which Baylax promptly lost…badly, suffering from a black eye, broken nose, and the loss of more than a few teeth. Unfortunately for Thorgrim, Baylax does not know how to lose with grace, and thus quickly used his influence to attempt to arrest Thorgrim. Luckily Thorgrim’s ship left port the very same day the warrant papers were sent out and thus Thorgrim was able to avoid any jail time.

Thorgrim was killed by a Wight on the 3rd of Zarenshar 1474 DY.


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