Serusa Al'athkar

Wizard of the Shan Qabal.


A short stocky blue dragonborn wizard. Sometimes seen in nonprescription magical glasses, used to spot the Wyrmworn.


Serusa was born among the noble caste of Io’Tamrin, in Io’fazor. Due to her interest in the Arcane she gladly transferred to the Arcane Caste, she was traditionally trained as a wizard by a prominent arcane sect, before she used her position of power to pick a job more suitable to her interests: The Shan Qabal. Interested in newer experimental magics Serusa worked alongside her other wizards on several successful projects.

Due to her thoroughness and foresight she was sent along with the assassin Faerdan to eliminate the Wyrmworn on Kheth which ended up being her first failure within the order.

Serusa was arrested in Tyrak’n and sent to trial in Io’cailoth.

Serusa Al'athkar

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