Thamak "Rock-gut" Kalagathala

Warrior Chief of Orborus


*note: will need spelling/other correction

Thamak “Rock-gut” Kalagathala was born on *Orborus to Melai “Wildshot” and Kananath “Truthdream” Kalagathala. Thamak was especially strong and tough for his age, even for a goliath. He proved this time and time again by running off and brawling with the island’s wildlife for sport. He always loved a good fight, and would often challenge his peers on the island to a wrestling match. His best competitor was *Ravak, another Goliath a few years older than Thamak.

They would go back and forth winning, at one point it was practically a coin toss on weather Thamak would be able to last long enough to tire out *Ravak, or if *Ravak would over power Thamak early on. It wasn’t just fighting though, they would compete in just about anything they could think of, as is the Goliath way. One story of note would be when there was a feast after they had tried to catch more than the other and ended up with much more food than the tribe needed. This lead to an impromptu eating contest between the two which at first seemed to end in a tie, until Thamak got an (at the time seemingly bright) idea to eat the closest thing in reach which happened to be a rock about the size of plum. Immediately after swallowing it he regretted it, until he saw *Ravak’s face of defeat, at which point he thought it was all worth it and also earned the name of Rock-gut.

A few years later and *Ravak has surpassed Thamak physically by quite a bit, and became the tribe’s warrior chief. Rock-gut was happy for him and would sometimes joke with him about how he had bested the warrior chief in the past. This just inspired Rock-gut more and more to work harder to beat *Ravak again.

Even more years later Thamak noticed *Ravak was a bit off in some way, he wasn’t keeping up with his training, and he didn’t want to participate in any challenge or competition from anyone including Rock-gut. Rock-gut wanted to try to break him out of this, so in front of the entire tribe Rock-gut challenged him to a formal brawl. One where if Rock-gut wins, he becomes the new warrior chief. In front of everyone, *Ravak had to accept the fight, or else he would be considered to have conceited.

They all moved into the center of the village with the entire tribe watching around them. They both stood facing each other, unarmored and unarmed, the fight starts. It doesn’t take long for Rock-gut to realize *Ravak is much weaker than he has been in years. Normally, he would be able to easily knock the wind out of Rock-gut and take the fight quickly from there but after trying to do so he hurts himself more than anything else. Rock-gut didn’t expect the fight to go on much longer but it just kept going on. *Ravak wasn’t known for his endurance yet he kept persisting, chanting as he fought. The tribe’s sages couldn’t make any sense of it, and because they weren’t saying anything Rock-gut fought on. He eventually realized that he couldn’t use his normal strategy of waiting until his opponent tires themself out and got more and more pissed off at *Ravak for not giving it all in this fight.
*[Notes for finishing: Ravak loses and refuses help up, leaves village and opens portal, starts shit happening on island, it ends up killing mother in some way.]

Thamak "Rock-gut" Kalagathala

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