Leader of the Horned Alliance


Prismeous is a tiefling with an average build of below average height standing at only 5’6". Nearly a decade ago Prismeous was horribly scarred, disfiguring the left side of his face. He is ill tempered an ill mannered, seeming to only respect Zaibon, for whom he acts as a tough right hand. Despite his anger Prismeous is more cunning than his master and singleminded in his hatred of the empire.


Prismeous was a young drug runner in Io’cailoth, doing very well for himself eventually attracting the attention of the Horned Alliance. He acted as a assassin/cat burglar for them starting at the age of 16. When he was twenty he was sent to Io’garaloth to be groomed for command. During his stay in Io’garaloth Prismeous was taken capture by the Adament Fist and brought before Warden Drax, who were trying to find out information on Tellert Vadu. Prismeous was tortured on Zardkarth for 26 days before the prison received word of Tellert’s death at the hands of Castanamir. Drax released Prismeous viewing him as useless.

Prismeous returned to the Horned Alliance, broken and scarred, with a renewed and impassioned hatred of the empire. Despite being groomed as Tellert’s replacement Zaibon took control instead of Prismeous as Prismeous’s hatred of the empire proved to be a little to destructive and the some thought his fervor would cause the long term plans of the Horned Alliance to be thwarted.

Prismeous now acts as the 2nd in command for Zaibon, and works loyally for him in their pursuit to dismantle the empire brick by brick.

During a confrontation with our heroes Prismeous was knocked overboard during a storm, but miraculously he survived. With Zaibon and Zadi both dead, Prismeous has taken control over the Horned Alliance in Io’garaloth, assuming the role he was always meant to.


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