Prince Esselth

Yuan-Ti Ghost


A former Yuan-Ti Prince who was sealed away in a golden scroll case by his enemies. He was freed by Darien and is currently residing in Cyrik von Zarkyn.


Esselth was a Yuan-Ti Prince on the island of Kheth long before it held that name. Esselth was given the very important postion of maintaining a trio of portals that led to Yuan-Ti Fortress Cities. He wielded the Harrowfang Cauldron (as befitted his station) but the task always unnerved him. He was assassinated by a rival faction trying to make a power play and his soul was sealed in a golden scroll tube, while his body was placed in his own crypt. He was freed in 1474 DY by Darein Hackridge, and has taken up residence in Cyrik von Zarkyn the magistrate of Kheth.

Esselth has left the Magistrate and his inhabiting someone outside of Kheth.

Prince Esselth

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