Narcrath Kirca (and so on)



Narcrath Kirca Gomec Kreel Ambershard Mansur Angler Roxley Longshore Aksu Gomec Mansur Polat Sahin Kapal Oyal, or more commonly known as Rath. She stands at a moderate 5’7", normally adorned in her priest robes with a prominent symbol of Bahamut hanging from her neck.


Narcrath was born in [forgot to write place down, remember to ask Michael] to two loving parents. Her mother, Sovys, and father, Kilrakas Kirca, were very cherishing and protective of her.

In her early life Rath was sheltered by her parents, and thus, didn’t have many actual friends. Her one actual friend was a dwarf named Hargehn, who was son to a mercantile family, went missing when they were both 8 years of age. Nobody ever told Rath what happened to Hargehn. Whenever the subject came up, or Rath asked about him, the subject was quickly changed. Rath doesn’t often think of Hargehn, but he is often in the back of her mind, always wondering what happened to him.

After a few years had passed, and Rath had gained some clerical training as a follower of Tiamat from her father, she was given the task of protecting a dragonborn of moderate nobility. Rath failed that mission, yet it was her father who took the blame. He was sentenced to death by a Dragovar official. Rath, along with her mother, were banished from the kingdom never to return.



The next few years Rath traveled with her mother through just over a dozen stepfathers.
Sabor Gomec: A dragonborn with a kind heart who met his end in a tragic accident quickly after the marriage.
Kibal Kreel: A human with an occupation the same as the way he met his end, adventurer.
Barnum Ambershard: A dwarf known for making the strongest ale. One night after too many drinks he wandered off into the forest never to be seen again, presumed dead.
Palasar Mansur: A dragonborn farmer with a simple, quiet life. It was at first refreshing for Sovys, but she quickly became tired of it and moved on.
Nepos Angler: A halfling, who Sovys became quickly attached to because of his wonderful singing voice. He would boast of his unbelievable journeys, which no one in the town believed. He eventually became tired of this and died trying to prove he could, in fact, wrestle an owlbear into submission.
Manolo (The monster) Roxley: A human who was kind on the surface, but quickly showed his true brutish self. He masked who he was to Sovys and would beat Rath each night. He had an only son, Parker, who Rath quickly became great friends with. They would work together to cope through the hard times. The relationship quickly ended once Sovys came home early one day to see the proof for herself. They both ran away, Rath always regretting not taking Parker with her.
Sea King Long Shore: An elf that Rath never became too attached to. She did, however, always remember him as a man worthy of looking up to for some reason.
Saroth Aksu: A dragonborn that Rath doesn’t know much about, her mother outright refused to talk about him.
Brengar Gomec: A dragonborn that Sovys loved very much, but soon became very ill. It was never found out what caused his mysterious and sudden illness.
Zorlin Mansur:
Hicrath Polat:
Saskan Sahin:
Kilgar Kapal:
Batrin Oyal:

Other Family

Malhime Delmirev: Rath’s mother’s sister, more often called Mal. Rath and her parents would often visited Mal, and made a point to visit whenever they were traveling, which happened fairly often.

Rath was slain in the caves beneath Io’garaloth while fighting against Kuo-Toa.

Narcrath Kirca (and so on)

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