The Eldritch Disciple


Melas is a pale half-elf standing short at about 5’4" though at times this seems to fluctuate by a couple inches. He is lithe, sunken-eyed, and rather emaciated. His eyes also seem to dart around to look at everything and everyone, He wears tattered robes and clutches a worn walking staff. He constantly looks to the satchel on his side


Vanien is the child of two members of the Devoted Shard, Joshua, a human defender, and Selena an elven scholar. The Devoted Shard is an ancient monastery devoted to deciphering prophecies and finding out whether they are about to come to pass or if they have any credit at all. A 5th generation child, Vanien was always the ambitious boy, at a young age always trying to bite off more than he could chew. He would always try to help with what his mother was doing, though he mostly ended up hindering her, but she played along and taught him additionally in her free time. When he reached adolescence he was released to a master to learn the ways of spellcasting. There he met young, by elven standards, Aiven Niri. The two were nearly inseparable and showed excellent teamwork in tackling their master, Eralas’s, mind baffling questions. Vanien advanced quickly but Aiven Niri was always one step ahead in learning her spellcasting. Upon graduating Vanien sought to pour through some of the older tomes for missed meanings and the like. Though this section of the monastery’s impressive library was close to the timeless vault that to protect was the order’s hidden function. Over time Vanien began to wonder what was behind the vault door and asked his grandfather, the grandmaster of the Devoted Shard, Telinvar. Telinvar immediately reassigned Vanien to scouting. A task where he would travel the empire in search of new potential prophesies and determine whether they had any credit. It was adventurous work but rather boring as most were just ravings by some poor sod craving attention. But the thought of what lay beyond that door drove Vanien, it kept him up at night, gave him vivid dreams and nightmares, and led him to return to the monastery to plead with Telinvar to allow him to return to studying text within the monastery. After graciously being accepted back Vanien went to see his parents, learning that his father had passed due to raiders while Vanien was away and that an official by the name of Iojad had cut the funding for the Devoted Shard by more than 50%, forcing them to find other ways to make the money to continue their important work. After mourning his loss he returned to his studies spending time with Aiven Niri once again. They had always had a strange relationship, to the outside viewer it was obvious they were infatuated with each other but neither every made a move. And, though Vanien had learned the pleasures of flesh during his travels he knew he wanted her. But he still spent an unhealthy amount of his time to finding what lay behind the door. He had formulated a plan to get in at long last, and all he needed was a distraction.
Then, at long last the day came. A meteor struck close to the monastery, and due to meteors containing rare metals that could be sold to sustain the monastery, most of the members went in a group to retrieve it. Thats when Vanien made his move, he snuck around to his grandfather’s study and retrieved the arcane key that opened the vault. Moving back around careful to not get caught by the remaining protectors he moved to the vault and opened the solid stone door. The grating of the door opening was painfully slow, Vanien could barely contain himself wondering the infinite possibilities of the vast store of knowledge kept within, When the door, at long last opened, he was left astounded. All that was behind the massive door was a wall with a single alcove. Resting upon this was a single book, unlike any Vanien had ever seen. It was black with gnashing teeth and a single eye in the middle that seemed to watch him. Vanien admired the book for a second and then opened it.
The next thing he knew Vanien was in a place beyond time and space, he was in an infinite amount of places each experiencing a different torture as malignant entities whisper impossibilities into his mind. Naturally he went completely mad. Though after several eons of this he got bored of that and began to listen to what the entities had to say. They told him of many things, many of which, as usual made absolutely no sense but one very important concept was imparted upon him. He could get back to his world. The entity showed him an incantation that, while impossible on the material plane was quite doable for anybody that had an original material body, for beings bound to reality do not belong outside of it. And after performing this incantation the man found himself reforming within the world in the middle of the air hurtling towards the ground.
He recognized this place, this time, this event, he was the meteor that landed outside that monastery so long ago. Ignoring the impossibility of the situation, he finished materializing as he impacted the ground. Quickly, he got up and rushed around to the monastery in the distance, dodging a strange group of monks that were walking his direction. Once inside he noticed that some of the entities came back with him to the material world, continuing their mad whispering, directing him back to the book. He ran as fast as he could, maybe if he stopped himself he wouldn’t be in this situation, all that time, or not time, wouldn’t have happened. He ran and ran and ran and when he finally got to the room that contained the tome. He saw himself just as he was opening it. This man watched with dismay as Vanien was stripped apart and slowed disappeared before the remnants of him getting sucked into the book. The man approached the book, looked down at it, read a few of the phrases within, and slowly closed it. He then fled to the countryside to find somebody to relieve him of the voices of impossible evils within his head.
Most treated him with disdain as any would treat a madman pleading them for aid. He was constantly hungry and plagued by constant nightmares about how he had let them in. There was no relief, on pain and sorrow. But one night, while sleeping atop a large rocky outcrop, the nightmares never came. Instead this man was greeted by a large silver dragon. It told him that it was here to help and to go to the island called Kheth, there he would need to find a man named Johias Ilum and that his reward would be great. The man did not understand what reward could be greater than what he was already being given by this dragon but he would go. The man after scrounging up some gold by ripping apart the mind of some highwaymen chartered passage on a boat. There he met a great deal of people, one particularly friendly halfling took pity to the mans plight, offering as much aid as he could. This halfling, Kato, was an acolyte of a god called Avandra, whom the man had never heard of but sounded lovely. During the voyage, Kato asked the man what his name was to which he responded he did not know. Kato said in his jolly way, “Well erebodys got a name, why dontcha come up with one.” The man thought on this for awhile and settled on Melas. The man, now Melas was glad he had found a friend in this small creature, though one thing bugged him. During the third day of the trip to Kheth he accidentally touched the mind of a Dragonborn aboard the vessel, quickly Melas apologized explaining he couldn’t control it sometimes. The Dragonborn, who Melas would learn was called Serusa from Kato, did not mind and actually seemed oddly interested in Melas. After this, Melas would notice her and her guard, Faerdon, watching him from afar. Melas confided this to Kato who quickly claimed that he was just paranoid. Melas smiled but knew the dragonborn was still watching him from across the deck. Eventually, they landed in Tyrak’n and Melas set forth to find Johias.


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