Captain Leira Sybil LongShore

The Sea-Spoken


Leria has an inverted triangular face with large, innocent-looking eyes that at a deep blue with gold flecks. Slightly pudgy cheeks accentuate plump lips that fall below a small, cute nose. Wavy, thick hair is put into a low half bun and is silvery blue in color.At about 5’ 6", she is dainty and frail looking, but underneath the layers of formal wear are lean and hardened muscles.


Leira was born both one in 100 and one in a million at the same time. A child of the Sea King Long Shore, she had brothers and sisters spanning across the lands. As a child of a female scion, she was a one in a lifetime item for her father. Treasured since birth, she led a sheltered life under Pitora, her governess in the estate. It was conformable, and the model childhood for what she had.

When she was 14, before becoming a sea king, Senestrago kidnapped her from the island on one of the many outings to the city and ransomed her return. When she got home after the week imprisoned by him her father demanded her safety. Gone were the playful outing to the city. Gone were the familiar gardens and halls of the manor. All replaced by the walls of one of the apartments in the manor, furnished with all the necessities one could hope for. And that was her life; for 4 years, she spent her life in that room. Only let out to roam the private greenhouses under careful watch. She read stories of old heroes and long forgotten mythos to fill her time. She studied fighting and the arts, history and astronomy, sailing and navigation. And once she had learned all she wanted, started creating her own stories. The once barren blue walls in her room became full of stars created with anything she could find. Pieces of chalk, pearls, and diamonds ransacked from jewelry-all became objects of creation. She told stories of heroes and demons, history and kings; spending all her time on such pursuits. Then one day, at the unknowing end of her placement under lock and key, a teenage boy appeared through one of her windows. Her brother Vulas, who had been one of Leira’s closest friends when she could wander the streets of ClovenCrag. Vulas was out on one of Father’s ships for the past couple of years and only recently was aware of her kidnapping, return, and aperient imprisonment within her room. Once he got back and heard of this, he decided to take matters into his own hands and release her any chance he got. Lucian didn’t take too kindly to it at first but seeing how animated Leira was around her family he resent the original order with one condition. The single ultimatum for Leira, “There will be no next time.”

The elated atmosphere of the Manor almost suffocated her as truly happy days returned once more, but there was a cloud hanging over. Her sister Allisa let her hate finally show, as Leira was the child that ruined her standing within the family, becoming the favorite daughter replaced. Torment and teasing plagued her life, continuing until Allisa left to join her father’s crew as a captain. That’s the moment she was truly free. It took a while, but she could finally be comfortable where she was. That’s when Vulas started taking her to the city. They were trouble makers, Vulas and Leira, and slowly they found faster and faster routes through the city. They made friends with city guard, dissuading any allegations upon them. And if one did stick, their friend Axelle would easily correct it or Vulas would prove their innocence.

Eventually, even Vulas left, joining another crew to sail to the ocean. She was alone, but after only a few years, her father came to inform her that his ship never returned to port. There was the next ultimatum, that she was not allowed to look for him. It hurt, enough to cause her to leave. Under the guise that she drew attention to the estate, she left to Kheth – Vulas’s last known whereabouts – and that is where we meet her.

Captain Leira Sybil LongShore

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