Kytherion Shadowhorn



An unnaturally pale tielfing with eyes that are so black they appear blind. He wears thick well made dwarven platemail which is tinted dark black, he carries a shield bearing the symbol of Vecna, and a tri-pronged mace with each side depicting a horrible screaming skull.


Kytherion comes from a place of unknown origins, however for the last twenty years he has labored on Kheth, in perfecting a magical structure known as the Black Pyramid, erasing the memories of townsfolk who come across it with a dangerous creature known as a memory devourer.

Kytherion is in command of all the Vecnites on Kheth, including those in the Black Pyramid and those in Tyrak’n. Outside of his Vecnites Kytherion counts the dragon Kheth, a clan of dwarves, and a hidden Yuan-Ti city state among close allies, working in tandem with them on various side projects.

After completing his ritual Kytherion was slain by Melas, due to his death being before Soul Harvest the entirety of the spell was yet to be in effect, essentially ending Vecnite ambitions of Kheth.

Kytherion Shadowhorn

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