A green dragon sorcerer


An powerful adult dragon on the verge of becoming ancient Kheth is large even by draconic standards. He has a dark green hide that still holds some beauty while being able to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding jungle. His hide is not overly scarred but does show some signs of battle, considering Kheth’s many fights against other dragons, this alone is a sign of his danger.


As a hatchling Kheth showed some minor signs of magical talent, and was cast out of his home early, after defending himself against another sibling who thought he could eliminate the threat of a younger more powerful brother early. Kheth allied himself with various causes in his youth to protect himself and grow in wealth and power. Eventually settling within the territory of another dragon Kheth managed to stay hidden with guile until a group of adventurers wandered into his lair, he killed all of them but one, who told tales of a second dragon on the island. Not liking his odds against an adult white dragon, Kheth fled from that island, biding his time until he could take an island for his own.

That time finally came in 1131 DY when Kheth over through Irindol in a fierce battle for control of her island. Kheth proved to powerful to handle and with the help of a group of Kobolds recruited from the local jungle Irindol was crippled and driven off.

Since then Kheth has consolidated and hoarded his power on his island caring little for the people of Tyrak’n, unless they forget to pay their tribute or interfere with his business.

The dragon had allied himself with a cult of Vecnites on the island for some unknown reason, he now holds a vendetta agains those who brought about the destruction of the Vecnites.


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