Iojad Talkorin

Dragonborn Elementalist


Iojad is a green dragoborn with light greenscales. He is almost always seen wearing a standard order Dragovar set of leather armor, albeit one that has been enchanted with several lairs of magical protection. Iojad is a dragonborn who lacks a tail.

He carries a variety of strange objects which he uses depending on the situation.


Iojad was born into the Arcane Caste in the Dragovar Empire, and grew up learning about various arcane traditions from his parents. As a young adult Iojad worked as “middle managment” for the Dragovar overseeing various projects before he was recruited to the Vost Miraj working alongside them in espionage for several years. Eventually he transferred to the Shan Qabal and has excelled with the order.

Iojad’s first project lead was an experiment on elemental weaponry, a project that was so successful that it has become standard issue for the Shan Qabal, and plans are being made to roll it out to the Imperial Army as well.

Due to his success in this endeavor Iojad was assigned to hunt the Wyrmworn alongside Serusa, setting out to search for the children who were aboard the Tempest. Iojad found and eliminated 12 of them and is currently searching for the rest.

Iojad Talkorin

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