Fulvous is actually rather tall for a kenku, standing a full 3” over others of his kind. He generally wears simple black robes with the symbol of a hollow sun with eight rays coming off it in a symmetrical fashion embroidered on the chest. He always carries his lamp in his left hand, providing its warm reddish yellow glow. He also carries a katana in a simple sheath. He bears an amulet depicting the symbol of his order (the order is described below, I haven’t yet decided what I shall use as a symbol). He is very lithe and agile, capable of squirming his way out of most bonds and performing many acrobatic feats, however he isn’t very strong.


Fulvous was born into a cruel world. His flock had been wiped out by a group of poaching pirates that were after the various curiosities that were in the Kenku’s possessions and also for the feathers on their body. Some of the more unscrupulous individuals enjoy having cloaks and other clothing items made from kenku feathers because they are especially soft and light, softer than the average black bird and possessing a more rich black color to them. It was on that day that a priest by the name of Reverend Hastur Melinkor of the [insert faith dedicated at least in part to the sun] was on a walk across the countryside away from the lighthouse that he lived in. Hastur discovered the young kenku chick amidst all the carnage freshly hatched and crying, and decided to raise it as his own. What he found was an incredibly studious individual that was very loyal to him. Hastur quickly liked the young bird-man and did everything he could to teach the impressionable youth everything he could about his faith. He also introduced the young kenku to his friend Kerindor, who also took a liking to the kenku. Kerindor, being a very skilled swordsman decided to teach him how to fight, and Hastur seeing his potential and eagerness to learn also taught him in the ways of his religion.

The young kenku quickly became very devoted to the religion and became a very fervent follower. And upon his 8th birthday he was gifted a magical thurible to both protect himself and demonstrate his faith. It was from this lamp that the kenku would eventually earn his namesake. It was a particularly stormy night, and unfortunately Hastur had taken ill, and was unable to move. The young kenku, knowing that if the lighthouse was not lit, that a great deal of ships may perish upon the dangerous rocks and so he decided to brave the storm and walk to the lighthouse. With nothing but the light of his precious lantern to guide him, he climbed his way up the perilous and slippery rocks towards the lighthouse, and once he reached it he quickly ascended the steps and used his lamp to ignite the guiding light. It was because of his actions that he saved a total of 3 ships, weary and beleaguered from the storm, from crashing into the surrounding rocks. Upon his triumphant return, he was greeted by Kerindor and a still sickly but mostly recovered Hastur that proudly proclaimed that he had earned the name “Fulvous”.

It was then, at the age of 13 that his training in the martial arts began in full, Hastur sent Fulvous away into Kerindor’s care. Under Kerindor’s tutelage, Fulvous began to learn the ways of the kensai and developed a great deal of skill under his tutelage. Kerindor would often send Fulvous out to perform tasks for him, such as procuring certain items and achieving various feats of skill to demonstrate his abilities. During this period he even made a few enemies, meeting the corrupt Captain Baylax whom tried to steal a relatively minor artifact from Fulvous.

It wasn’t until Fulvous reached the age of 18 that Kerindor deemed him ready for his first really big task. He was told to deliver an artifact that was very powerful, far more powerful than any of the magical items that he had been told to gather before. This item was indescribable for it had a potent memory altering effect that would prevent people from remembering its appearance and properties. Fulvous, being a kenku, was able to remember its appearance but was unable to remember what the artifact could do (outside of its memory altering effects), and was instructed that he was to take this item to Captain Denarion Morrow for safekeeping. Thus began a perilous year long journey where Fulvous sought out and aided Captain Morrow in various tasks and things. Ultimately Fulvous succeeded in delivering the artifact to Captain Morrow, and thus after a year of traveling with his new friend and thus bid him good-bye, for he had other tasks that he had to attend to.

Unfortunately Fulvous learned in the coming year that Captain Morrow’s ship never reached its destination, and was believed to have sunk. With Captain Morrow’s whereabouts unknown, and the artifact in a potentially dangerous area where it could be found by those that may wish to use it for nefarious deeds, Fulvous took it upon himself to search out the remnants of the ship and the ultimate fate of Captain Morrow.

Due to the fact that rival organizations were also after the artifact in question, and a large degree of misinformation surrounding the circumstances of the ships general disappearance, he searched for 19 long years. Finally, after so long Fulvous has caught a break, and discovered that the ship had sunk near the island of Kheth, and more importantly, that there were survivors!

Having learned this Fulvous quickly set out for Kheth and hopes that he is able to get there before the artifact is uncovered and taken, and if it has been taken already he plans on tracking down those that took it.

After parting ways from the party, Fulvous was slain by Haegar Kreed to avenge the death of his girlfriend Excellence.


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