Dockmaster Zalan



A middle aged, man of slightly below average height, Zalan dresses in slightly nicer cloths than most of the residents of Tyrak’n as befitting his station.


Born in Tyrak’n Zalan was the son of a local crab catcher. He worked alongside his father until the old man passed away leaving his boat to Zalan. Zalan began taking work as a steward with the Magistrate, which started out as a part time job but eventually shifted into a full time one. Eventually he was promoted to Dockmaster due to his skills with finances, he has served in this position for the last 8 years making a modest wage, and is extremely proud of his official station within the empire.

Zalan is a member of the secret cult dedicated to Vecna within Tyrak’n. He was killed by Zalios after trying to sacrifice him.

Dockmaster Zalan

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