Captain Denarion Morrow



A older half elven man, with light orange hair, and a large nose.


Morrow grew up on the sea and spent much of his early life on the open seas. When he was 25 Morrow managed to capture a prominent pirate (by tying him up after he passed out drunk) and instead of pissing away the money decided to invest it in a ship. He hired his own crew, and sailed Morrow’s Folly for over 20 years before it crashed on the shores of Kheth. Denarion refuses to say what his cargo was in this last journey, or were his ship was headed, leading many in Tyrak’n to believe he was a smuggler. Denarion adopted one of the 6 orphans (Darien) and acted as a father figure to the others. He made quick friends with Johias Illum, and grew close to his former shipmate Thorgrim.

Morrow is does not have enough money to buy his own ship, so he must work off jobs on and off of Kheth, though he always returns to his son Darien.

Captain Denarion Morrow

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