Aivin Niri

Female Elven Wizard


A young elven wizard, Aivin wears very conservative clothing wearing the clothing of a female sailor rather than that of a traditional wizard or elf. She wears a pair of spectacles and has chocolate brown hair which she ties up into a ponytail.


Born on a small island in the Bael Nerath baronies, Aivin lived a very traditional lifestyle of a middle class elven merchant family. When she was an adolescent her parents moved with her to the small island of Saltron, joining the scholarly order of monks on the island, the Devoted Shard. While her parents worked alongside the monks, Aivin herself was trained in the ancient ways of Wizardry, alongside her close friend Vanien, both excelling at their studies. When the pair graduated Aivin departed the island while her friend Vanien stayed behind. Since she left Saltron Aivin has journeyed around growing in power as a wizard, before she decided to do some research on a series of strange occurrences on the island of Kheth, were she is currently residing.

Aivin Niri

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