Chapter 2 Episode 9

28th of Tamara 1474 DY

Alongside Anarchist Priscilla the heroes traveled back to Io'garaloth to make the final preparations to free Vulas from the island prison of Zardkarath. Melas did a ritual to restore his memory though he was horrified at the results. The Horned Alliance sent Prismeous to guide them through the prison, as he is well versed with it's lay out. Arriving safely in the prison, Melas freed the infamous Vanatjar a former Sea King, much to the dismay of Rath and Darien. Sneaking past a checkpoint the party stole a key from Cale Blackstrad whom Prismeous horribly scarred. 

The party continued to make there way through the prison nearly being caught by  a guard who surrendered rather than raising an alarm. Priscillia however killed him, much to the anger of Darien. 

As the heroes began to make there way through the cafeteria they were ambushed by Warden Drax and two dozen of his soldiers, apparently someone had revealed that the heroes were coming. The party fought against Drax (who fought with a spiked chain) allowing Prismeous to finally get his revenge against the men who scarred him. 

Now with the alarm raised the heroes must quickly get Vulas out, and escape before the dragon Mheletros arrives. 



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