"We Three Sea Kings"

"Chapter 4 Episode 9"

24th of Hlal 1475 DY

Lucien Longshore arrived back at home, much to the delight of his children. For a few hours it felt like Leira had never left home to begin with. Lucien regaled Darien with tales of Draeken Malios, with whom Lucien had served, and treated the other members of the group with dignity and respect. Lucien offered to pay the heroes to return the stolen engine from Lily Von Scthupp to which the heroes happily agreed. 

Finding herself alone with her father Lucien offered Leira a place on his flagship as first mate, telling her that he intended to groom her as his replacement. Leria realized that this offer wasn't entirely genuine, and in her estimation, just another form of control. The two fought over Lucien's overprotective nature, and his decision to not tell her about Vulas's attack on the Capital. 

Darien went to go speak to Lucien about Leira, but was rebuffed, but not before he left a strongly worded letter refusing to join Lucien's fleet (and offer that had never been extended). Leira left a letter of her own, simply promising to talk to her father later. Together the heroes tracked down Lily Von Scthupp, with Melas opening a gate between the two ships to transport a boarding crew across. 

While Darien and Alex pursued Von Scthupp below decks, Leira, Thamak, and Melas were forced to return to The Saga to defend it from Von Scthupp's Iron Shark. Von Scthupp teleported away with the engine in tow, however Alex used his amulet to follow Von Scthupp, who had teleported to an Astral Ship which was coming in from above. Aboard that ship was a trio of Red Dragons, and there Githyanki masters, all under the control of Sea King Senestrago. 

Senestrago ordered his dragons to kill the heroes, but they managed to survive long enough to teleport below with the engine. Senestrago prepared to pursue them, but the arrival of another player caused him to retreat back into the Astral Sea. 

Thousands of Tons of massive wrought iron, plowed through the waters towards the heroes, in the form of the Inferno the largest ship on the dragon sea. A mobile fortress of dwarven design, and the flagship of the mysterious Sea King Firerazor, in the face of this monstrous device, the heroes surrendered, and were brought aboard, were Darien saw a familiar face. 

Xalak the dragonborn, the man who taught Darien how to fight had become Sea King Firerazor! Darien and Firerazor reconnected, and Firerazor told the heroes the story of how he came in possession of the Inferno. Darien decided that there was no one he would rather ally with than Firerazor, and so he swore himself to the Sea King. 


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