"Death in the Depths"

Chapter 2 Episode 7

14th of Tamara 1474 DY

In search of the Delver's Shield the party under the instruction of Fulvous travelled underground to search for it. Discovering a strange parasite was making members of the Deeplantern Guild go insane, the heroes travelled through the cave system searching for the shield. Apparently the a group of Vecnites were also looking for the shield as the party clashed with a Necromancer and some wights. 

After narrowly killing a Behir (and getting it's impressive treasure trove) our heroes were set upon by several other groups of creatures like Hook Horrors and a Cloaker. Lyria discovered the dead body of the old Priest of Melora with a kraken hilted dagger sticking from his back, after removing his body from the pool and sanctifying it Lyria was rewarded. 

Before they could reach the Temple however the shadow rider Vanus Tilvarn ambushed them, the party had briefly encountered Tilvarn before in Kheth. Vanus killed Darien which transformed him into a Specter which in turn killed Melas. With some quick thinking Lyria pushed Vanus off a cliff effectively ending the battle. 

Abandoning there quest for the shield (which now seemed hopeless) the heroes tried to return to the surface but where attacked by a Mindflayer who dominated Zalios causing him to kill Lyria. Rath managed to drive the Mindflayer away after gravely wounding him with her breath weapon. Now the only survivors Zalios and Rath must find a way to resurrect there allies. 


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