"Turathi Flame"

Chapter 3 Episode 5

While the heroes are resting Melas manages to complete his soul binding ritual creating his Iron Defender from a Kobold slave. Unfortunately the creature seems miserable in it's new body forever trapped in this form. Leria learned from Wave that she is the child of Melora the goddess of the sea, and that she is of a race of people who are born with a natural affinity to the sea, separate from her Mother's power.

Darien was brought to Hellstrike by Haegar Kreed, and Darien discovered that Haegar had murdered Fulvous. Zaibon conscripted Darien's help in an coup against the Dragovar in the city to which Darien agreed, Zaibon offered up a solution to his feud with Iojad in exchange for his help in this matter. 

Meanwhile Kato had gotten wind of this scheme and tried to convince the others to leave the city with him, the heroes refused to leave Darien behind so Kato arranged a meeting with the Golden Shields, who agreed to an alliance with the heroes, to prevent a takeover of the city. 

Zaibon's plan began to go off without a hitch as Zadi began working her magic to hypnotize the Dragovar leadership in the city while Suldovtec and the other Mindflayers dominated Castanamir. Fighting ensued when the rest of the heroes arrived including a short duel between Alex and Darien, in the end Darien choose to side with his friends, but wanted to use the chaos as a chance to strike back against the Imperials. Zadi eventually fled above deck with Castanamir's heart in tow, meeting up with Zaibon who had finally arrived. 

Zaibon beat the heroes to a bloody pulp, Prismeous was knocked overboard by Darien, Alexandros killed Zadi Arychesa, and the silver Dragon Kvandolss misjudged how much weight the ship could making it sink into the water below. In a last act of desperation Zaibon killed Darien and flung his corpse overboard, before being killed by Melas, Zaibon promised that the Horned Alliance would not forget what happened tonight. 

(Major NPC/PC casualties: Darien, Zaibon, Zadi, Suldovtec, Darien was brought back by Leria.) 


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