"Thralls of the Jhal Shard"

Chapter 2 Episode 6

7th of Tamara 1474 DY

Our heroes decide that it is time to free Denarion Morrow from the clutches of the Jhal Shard, equipped with a map of the warehouse given to them by the Horned Alliance, Melas, Fulvous and Darien planned to sneak in, kill the wizard Toseth and free Morrow. After fighting a group of Xorns on there way to the warehouse the party made there way towards Toseth's personal Laboratory. Stealing a few of his personal effects and freeing a member of the Deeplantern Guild the wizard was interrogating, the heroes plan to jump Toseth was comprised when they discovered he was giving a tour of his lab to Magistrate Fayal and Iojad Talkorin of the Shan Qabal. 

Still being unable to free Morrow the group freed some perspective Thralls to cause havoc in the complex, freeing prisoners and monsters alike. Narrowly avoiding Toseth Darien freed his father but was narrowly apprehended by Iojad, who decided that Toseth's loss was more valuable to him than Darien's death. 

Now Darien must find a way to free his father without killing him, while the rest of the heroes prepare to search for the Shield. 


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