"The Wyrmworn"

Chapter 1 Episode 9

3rd of Zarenshar 1474 DY

Walking back to the Eldritch Storm alone, Zalios was kidnapped by a group of Vecnites who prepared to sacrifice him to their dark god. He recognized Dockmaster Zalan, a barmaid named Lara, and Lady Thariel herself among the cultists. As they pierced his flesh with a jagged dagger the demon inside him awoke bursting free, Zalios killed the Dockmaster and escaped. 

Meanwhile Evandor began acting as Melas's spiritual guide through the nightmarescape that the pair routinely visited. After their experience Evandor nonchalantly mentions that one of Melas's friends is in grave danger. Checking on all of his friends Melas discovered that friend to be Darien. 

The masked assassin with the insectoid claw attacked Darien while he was alone in his hut, but do to pure luck Darien noticed his presence before said claw tore into his jugular. Not wanting to fight the assassin on his own, Darien ran outside his house and dived into the water, hoping to escape his assailant. 

Unfortunately his assailant moved with unnatural speed quickly, finding him underwater and proceeding to drown him. However at this time the rest of the heroes arrived and together they fought off the assassin (and his hand which detached upon his death). Unmasking the assassin reveled it to be Faerdan Kalthain. 

Serusa was arrested, and after questioning her Darien discovered he was what is known as a Wyrmworn, an experiment gone wrong, and a loose end which the Shan Qabal wanted to clean up. 

Melas, Rath, and Lyria discovered Zalios who was severely wounded, and after healing him learned of the Vecnites. After a brief discussion the heroes decided that the Vecnites were a slightly more dire threat than the earthquakes coming from Vorkun, and set about trying to find the Black Pyramid. 

(Lyria dealt the killing blow to the Assassin Faerdan) 


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