"The Sea Bitch"

Chapter 4 Episode 7

12th of Hlal 1475 DY

Thamak and Leira investigated the island of Naelere while the rest of the heroes dealt with Crimdrac. Captain Raiko, a close friend of Darien's had lost a powerful artifact that was to be delivered to Sea King Valkori, unfortunately he was forced to hide it from Imperials on the island of Naelere and when he returned it had vanished. Now Valkori is angry at Raiko, and he needs the heroes help to find the Horn.  

Alongside Captain Raiko and Captain Cormack the heroes fought against a large ambush of goblins emblazoned with a Purple Sun, showing strange signs of corruption. Feeling like they were a bit in over there heads, Leira contacted Melas for aid. 

Departing from Darien and Alex, who had stopped by Kheth for a short visit to check up on the island, Melas Leira, and Thamak assualted  a smuggler's den fighting there way past a horde of goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, ogres and trolls, arriving just in time to see the ship carrying the Horn departing the harbor. 

Melas teleported the heroes back to Waverunner and went in pursuit of the Sanghori vessel. While the ships engaged in a round of fire between themselves, Melas transported Thamak and Leira aboard the goblin ship where they did battle with there crew. Fighting against "Wyrmlord Axel" (actually a Ogre Mage) his dragon Bittertooth, and Speaker Indorac (a mindflayer Alhoon, and reason behind the purple sun). A ferocious fight followed as Melas and Indorac matched wits, when the battle finally started to go in the heroes favor, Axel blew the Horn of the Seadragon which summoned a Dragon turtle to assault them further. Indroac was slain by the Dragon Turtle's steam breath (after being beaten to a bloody pulp by Melas), but the psion was forced to transport his unconscious allies back to Waverunner in the hopes of healing up his allies quickly enough to escape the Dragon Turtle and Bittertooth.

As Melas set about healing his allies, another ship appeared around the bend, firing onto the Dragon Turtle. Once Leira was awoken, she recognized the ship, as it belonged to her sister Alyssa. Together with The Sea Bitch, the heroes killed the Ogre Mage, and Bittertooth, using the dominated Dragon Turtle as a battering ram. 

Alyssa spoke with Leria and informed her that Vulas and Priscilla were behind the attack on the capital, and that they were using some sort of strange device that created a temporal warp, not an actual explosion. Alyssa berated Leira for her choice to run away, and to free Vulas who she referred to as a terrorist. 

The pair of sisters shared an awkward and icy dinner were they traded barbs, and shared cake, even Melas normally oblivious of social situations quickly excused himself from the table via a teleport, leaving poor Thamak alone with the bickering sister. 


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