"The Black Pyramid"

Chapter 2 Episode 2

8th of Io'lor 1474 DY

Descending into the Black Pyramid our heroes sought to stop the ritual that was to be performed on Soul Harvest, which would cause any person who died on Kheth to have their soul transferred to Vecna. The party rescued a strange bird man known as a Kenku, named Fulvous from the clutches of the Cult. Apparently this creature was looking for a  memory altering artifact in the ruins when he had been captured. 

With their new ally the party fought against a series of opponents in the church, including cultists, flameskulls and even a singing Otyguh. After traveling through a strange fleshy wall (which only Melas and Evandor could see) the consciousness of several of the heroes swapped with another, leaving only Melas and Zalios with their own bodies, and depriving those who were effected of their memories. 

After overcoming the anemia inducing powers of the memory devourer (which was the creature our Fulvous was searching for), the heroes slew the beast and Kytherion Shadowhorn the leader of the Vecnites, effectively ending his plots on Kheth.  

While Zalios and Rath divided up Kytherion's equipment, Melas slipped through a crack in space and time alongside Evandor. He returned a short time later carrying a massive tome crafted from an unknown type of leather containing such a abundance of information even Melas could not digest it all quickly. Evandor suddenly departed after issuing cryptic advice on several issues to Melas. 

Spending the next several months in Tyrak'n the party waited for their ship The Eldritch Storm our heroes spent the majority of their time, resting, working, hiring crew members, and training though a few things of note did happen.

Darien spoke with Serusa, who revealed that another member of the Shan Qabal was sent to deal with the Wyrmworn, in this case those who rode aboard the Tempest this man is a Dragonborn named Iojad and he specializes in Elemental Weaponry. Both Serusa and Darien swore to meet again, but for now Serusa is headed for a trial in Io'cailoth. 

Magistrate Von Zarkyn spoke with the heroes on several issues, warning them of Esselth, Kheth's ire, Thariel's connection to the Vecnites, and a possible invasion by Sanghor. Promising to aid the Magistrate against the goblins, the heroes also forged an alliance with Irindol, (the former ruler of the island) in an attempt to take down Kheth in the future. 

After hiring an impressive crew, stocking up on Impstinger Ale, and saying their farewells, Zalios, Lyria, Darien, Melas and Rath boarded The Eldrtich Storm with Aivin Niri heading to the Io'garaloth and the Dragon Sea at large. 


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