"Sinister Secret of Saltron"

Chapter 4 Episode 2

7th of Falazure 1474 DY

The heroes traveled to the island of Saltron, in a effort to help Melas sort through his muddled memories, and find out information about the Invidion. Arriving on the island Aivin discovered that not all was as it seemed, many of the people she knew were dead, and the strange new Dockmaster Nadir sought to keep the heroes within Orrinsport. Melas realized that this was the island he was reborn onto, which further complicated his memories. 

Nadir attacked the heroes as they tired to leave the town, but was quickly cut down by Alexandros, with the heroes discovering that Vecnites had taken over the island. A massive horde of Ghasts attacked Orrinsport (as Nadir was the only one who kept them from devouring the village. ) 

Fending off the horde of Ghasts, the heroes continued on to the Monastery where they were met my a Vampire named Isabella, who spoke with a strange accent. The heroes began exploring the library and Melas was drawn into a void, where he was given a choice between his friends and ultimate power. 

Emerging from the Void, Melas quickly realized that Leira and Thamak had been charmed by the Vampire, when both tried to kill him. Alexandros's sword was desperate to kill Isabella, and when he struck her down it absorbed her soul. 

After leaving the Monastery the heroes found the other Vampire, Nicoli, and Alex's sword again tried to take control and kill the vampire, but Alex resisted and discovered that his Wyrmworn spirit was that of Kas the Betrayer. Nicoli summoned his fearsome Mortis Engine, which killed Leria, and nearly killed Alex. 

Seeing all hope was lost Alex gave in to his inner dragon, and released the Betrayer. Kas destroyed Nicoli's Mortis Engine and slew the Vampire himself, and nearly killed the entire party, his might was so great, yet Melas managed to take advantage of his weakened state, knocking him unconscious before he could finish the job. 

Later Darien confronted his brother about his reckless use of power, and the argument nearly turned to blows, Darien was worried about his brothers willingness to do anything for massive amounts of power, and especially angry about his endangerment of Leira. 

Melas, Leira and Alex worked on finding out information on the Invidion to little avail, finding no maps to lead them to it, though they found several interesting books, including a map that shows where the Yuan-Ti fortress city of Selsyneir is. 

Before they could leave the island Johias spoke to the heroes about a important mission given to him by his superiors amongst the Knights of Arydn, a quest which will lead the heroes near to the Black Curtain…


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