"Serpents and Shadows"

Chapter 1 Episode 7

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Thorgrim met up with the rest of the heroes inside the ruins, and together they delved deeper into the ruins. The party came across a magically dark room that was filled with dangerous Shadows. The party tied themselves together in an attempt to get through the room, but were distracted after being attacked by these creatures.

By happenstance Melas activated his new staff (discovering it to be a Staff of the Python), but learned he did not have great control over the snake that it transformed into which seemed to have a mind of its own. The snake crushed a statue which was creating the darkness leading to the shadow's retreat. 

After taking a short rest the heroes found Aivin Niri who has been investigating the Harrowfang Caludron. After helping Aivin get past a Serpent Door, the group travelled further below into the ruins. 


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