"Serpent Hill Ruins part 1"

Chapter 1 Episode 6

24th of Lendys 1474 DY

Catching their breath for a moment after their fight with the Kobolds, Darien and Lyria questioned Zalios about his strange power, and he revealed some of his checkered past. Meanwhile Melas invisibly began to search a nearby room unfortunately being ambushed by a Ooze which dropped on him from the ceiling. 

After fleeing from the Ooze (and deciding to leave it alone) Darien began to explore another room, before he was ambushed by a group of specters. A long hard fight played out between the specters and the party but our heroes won out, deciding to rest afterwards. 


Darien came across the corpses of his sibling Varia and Jesper who had both been killed by a poison dart trap. 

Exploring further into the dungeon at night, the party fought against a group of zombies, a pair of poltergeists, and saw evidence of a group of ghouls who live in the prison of the complex, though they appeared to be out hunting. 

In the last sell of the prison, Darien discovered the body of young Kynt, who rose in wraith form up from behind him to attack. The party fought a running battle against the creature before a powerful series of spells flung by Zalios, Lyria, and Melas laid the Wraith/Kynt to rest. 


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