Chapter 2 Episode 8

21st of Tamara 1474 DY

Fulvous was separated from the rest of our heroes, after their fight with the Behir leading him to be alone deep underground. Fulvous stumbled across a strange procession of Illithids lead by one larger and better armed than the others. After sneaking away from them, Fulvous reunited with Zalios and Rath, helping them bring the bodies of Lyria, Melas and Darien to the surface. Rath and Zalios spoke to Kato and the Horned Alliance about possible options for resurrections. Deciding against further indebting themselves with the Horned Alliance, the heroes snuck into the Dragon's Grotto using forged documents so that they might raise there friends in the temple of Bahamut. 

In the Dragon's Grotto, Rath's aunt Malhime recognized her, and tried to get her arrested due to her exile status. Rath would have been imprisoned if not for Castanamir's intervention. Quickly heading to the Temple of Bahamut Lyria, Darien, and Melas where all raised by the High Priestess Imazhia, though some ill effect where left over in each of them. 

A few days later the heroes decided to head to Anchortown in search of Vulas's firstmate Priscilla, however before they could depart Demonbinder Kalastryse ambushed them with a Glabrezu demon revealing herself to be a member of the Shan Qabal. Kalastyrse escaped but the Demon was slain. Lyria discovered the Priests of Melora were imposters and refused to sell her pearl to them. 

In Anchortown the heroes found Anarchist Priscilla in a rough and tumble inn named the Boiled Cat. Though she was obviously very competent, it appeared she had a bit of a sadistic streak that put some of the heroes (especially Darien) in an uneasy mood. Priscilla did agree to help the party free Vulas, which they now must travel to do. 


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