Chapter 3 Episode 2

20th of Eryman 1474 DY
Darien has spent the last few days searching for Iojad, unfortunately the only information he got led him into a trap placed by Iojad himself, leading to Darien narrowly escaping Iojad's shock troops. Arriving back at the ship Dairen learned of Leria's imprisonment, and the situation with the Vizier, after debating the issue with Melas, he and Rath took off to warn Fulvous and the Vizier. Melas and Zalios set about following the Vizier in his routine in an attempt to learn the best time to attack him, with the help of Johias. 

Fulvous spoke with Rath and Darien, requesting protection for the pair from the Empire. The Legionnaires reluctanlty agreed leading Rath back to the Temple. Unfortuantly Darien was intercepted by Prismeous on his way back, and was brought before Zaibon. Darien ran into Iojad on Hellstrike who was trying to illegally sell weapons to Zaibon. Iojad completed his deal with the Horned Alliance, and after some threats Darien agreed to help kill the Vizier. 

Joining up with Melas, Zalios, and the Horned Alliance representative Suffer, the heroes snuck through Dragon's Grotto and kill the Vizier taking his head with them. 


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