"Maiden Voyage"

Chapter 2 Episode 3

23rd of Io'lor 1475 DY

Our heroes set sail for Castanamir on the maiden voyage of their newly repaired ship The Eldritch Storm. Laden with supplies and accompanied by their new crew, the heroes arrived in Castanamir with out incident. Zalios appointed Alyss Tallgrove as the ship's temporary quartermaster, tasking her with the job of selling the goods the party brought from Kheth. 

Darien went to search out a few of Morrow's old haunts, in the hope of finding him, while Lyria and Melas went to go find the information broker known as Clef Wimbly, who might be able to help them find Morrow. 

While Lyria and Melas searched some local inns, Zalios and Aivin met with Arcane Sevenson a senile halfing wizard who despite his infirmity did manage to give Zalios the address of the Demonbinder. 

Lyria was robbed by street orphans, and Melas met up with Fulvous who was searching for a magic shield somewhere in Io'garaloth. That night the party headed to the Leering Skull, a famous gambling den. Lyria, Melas, Zalios, and Fulvous tried their hands at different games of chance, to varying degrees of success. 

While Zalios contuined to win at cards, Melas, Fulvous and Lyria met with Clef Wimbly who turned out to be an old friend of Melas!. Clef Wimbly was only an alias of Kato the hafling priest of Avandra who spent his nights acting as an information broker. While Kato did not know where Vulas or Morrow are, he did provide invaluable information to the party about the city, and offered to provide them a connection to one of the local thieves guilds. After some deliberation, Melas decided to choose to try and contact The Horned Alliance, a guild of anti-imperial tiefling supremacists with the help of Kato. 

Meanwhile Rath stood outside the Leering Skull awaiting her friends return, she noticed that a group of soldiers were seeking to apprehend Clef, hoping that Melas's telepathy reaches her, Rath marched around the builiding hoping to establish a connection. Melas did indeed since Rath and together with Lyria, Fulvous and Kato escaped, making plans to meet with the Horned Alliance contact in the morning. 

The next day Zalios met with Demonbinder Kalastryse, a strange woman cloaked in a overlong black robe, who walked with a irregular limp. This Demonbinder informed Zalios that she could strip much of the Demon's control over him away, leaving some of it's power behind, she did not ask for payment, only seeking to keep the demon's essence. Zalios agreed and was freed from his demonic chains for the first time in his life. 




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