"Lover's Quarrel"

Chapter 4 Episode 10

The heroes parted ways with Sea King Firerazor, intent on returning to Darien's home island of Kheth which was soon to be attacked by Sanghori Pirates. The heroes returned to Longshore Manor to return Morwai's engine, and Darien became intimate with Alyssa Longshore, after the two of them shared a meal together. Leira discovered this which led her to be understandably enraged at Darien, not only for being ignorant of the impact of his words on her, but also for sleeping the sister that she hated the most. 

Now with a division amongst the group, the heroes reunited with Alexandros on Kheth and prepared for the assault. Upon visiting Thorgrim's grave, Darien discovered it to be empty, combined with his recent arguement with Leira drove him into the bottle. Melas meanwhile began to investigate the Vecnites activity on the island after he finally spoke to Aivin. Melas discovered much to his terror that his teleportation was causing rifts in reality. 

Spying on the Vecnites, he saw a group of wizards and warforged harnessing a Black spinning Orb which seemed to be sucking away the souls of those slain on the island, hearing sounds of battle, Melas had to rush back the Tyrak'n to help his friends mount the defenisive… 


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