Chapter 2 Episode 5

30th of Io'lor 1474 DY

While waiting aboard the Eldritch Storm, Melas was attacked by a strange creature called a Spider of Leng, barely surviving the attack the crew discovered the Spider stowed away on a shipment of goods purchased from the Temple of Melora. Our heroes went to discuss the intruder on their ship with Kato, and Alyss Tallgrove, before setting off on individual errands. The heroes learned that the Myrthon Regency has separated from the Empire which is prompting a civil war within the Empire. Combined with the news of an entire fleet of warships disappearing has scared the local populace, who wish for the return of the quick return of the Emperor who is out adventuring. 

Lyria and Melas went to go speak with some priests of Melora about Lyria's heritage, though the priest was less than helpful. It seems that the church has gone through some hard times lately, even recently being stricken by lightning. Melas decided to purchase a scroll of Augury and later determined that Lyria was half celestial! 

Meanwhile Fulvous and Darien spoke with Orson Laro of the Deeplantern guild, hoping to find out information on the shield Fulvous was seeking, and in Darien's case join the guild. Not being able to immediately become a member and unable to reach an agreement on the Shield the pair left the Deeplantern Guild feeling rather disappointed. 

Arriving back on the ship the party discovered that an emissary from the Horned Alliance had finally come to give them the information they needed. Haegar Kreed, the childhood bully of Darien had been sent by Zaibon as a test of loyalty, both from Haegar and Darien. Though the negotiations were tense Haegar gave Darien and Lyria the knowledge they needed. He gave Darien blueprints to Toseth's laboratory including a secret way inside, and told Lyria of her brother's connections to the Knights of Ardyn, and his subsequent imprisonment in Zardkarth. Mheletros the Iron dragon, warden of the prison plans to eat Vulas on the 30th of Tamara (1 month away) unless he is ransomed. Kreed offered two options for Lyria, a substantial loan, or an assisted prison break, after debating her options Lyria choose the latter. 

Wanting to find out more about Vulas's relationship with the Knights of Ardyn, Lyria accompanied Melas to his rendezvous with Johais. Vulas apparently served with the Knights because of bad blood against the empire, for what they to Bael Nerath in a recent rebellion. Vulas served as a pirate and general disrupter for the Knights in Io'cailoth between his work for his father, but had to quickly leave the city after the palace was destroyed due to an increase in pressure from the Empire. Vulas was apprehended after being separated from his first mate Priscilla. 

Lyria decides to join the Knights of Ardyn and assist Melas in his quest. A couple months ago the Captain of the Morkoth was executed for betraying Sea King Kalas, and his ship was taken by the empire and is now being held in the Venomspine Grotto under layers of Imperial red tape. Apparently the Morkoth was carrying a cargo very important to Ardyn, and Melas is to find the ship and retrieve the cargo aboard it. The only lead they have is through the first mate Heron Trickler who is most likely staying at one of the local inns. Heron would know where the ship is and the cargo that is aboard it. 


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